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Climate Change & Migratory Birds
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1   Link   NCC: Waterbirds Around the World Part 4 - Cross-cutting issues
The recent publication 'Waterbirds Around the World' gives a telling insight into the status of the world's most important waterbird migration routes and is the outcome of a major international conference. You can download the papers by leading scien
2   Link   Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' page on climate change (RSPB)
The RSPB is a UK charity working to secure a healthy environment for birds and other wildlife. This page gives information on issues related to climate change with a special focus on the UK.
3   Link   Smithsonian National Zoological Park Migratory Bird Center: Teachers and students
The SMBC studied the effects of climate change by carrying out demographic studies on the Black-throated Blue Warbler.
4   Link   BirdLife International: Climate Chage is already impacting biodiversity
BirdLife International gives a short overview on the role of climate change as a threat to species. Case studies and scientific analyses can be downloaded.
5   Link   American Bird Conservancy's page on climate change and birds
The ABC is a non-profit Organization for the protection of birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. This page contains information on the effects of climate change on birds especially in the western hemisphere.
6   Link   WWF Global Warming News
The WWF Report on bird species and climate change identifies the impacts of climate change on migratory birds. The report can be downloaded from the WWF site listed above.
7   Link   British Trust for Ornithology's page on climate change and migratory species
The British Trust for Ornithology is an independent, scientific research trust to investigate population, movements and the ecology of birds in the British Isles. A large number of volunteers and a small scientific staff carry out wild bird surveys.