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Get involved - The importance of Biodiversity
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1   Link   BirdLife International
The mission of BirdLife mirrors the aim of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which is committed to the conservation of biodiversity in the context of sustainable development.
2   Link   BDI - Biodiversity Institute
The BDI amplifies public knowledge on the importance of biodiversity and therefore promotes a ‘Field Guide’ accessible through its webpage.
3   Link   CIC
This webpage provides information on the so-called Addis Abeba Principles and Guidelines, which the CIC has co-developed and that has now been bindingly codified to regulate hunting in a way to protect biodiversity.
4   Link   Conservation International
Conservation International gives a detailed overview on the world’s richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on earth - the so called ‘biodiversity hotspots’.
5   Link   Save the albatross
BirdLife International and RSPB together have initiated a campaign to save the albatross by raising awareness to the deadly impact longline fishing is causing to these birds.
6   Link   Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum gives an insight into the topic of biodiversity - trying to give an answer to most FAQ.
7   Link   Natural History Museum - worldmap
Measuring the variety of nature and selecting priority areas for conservation, the Natural History Museum provides a worldmap indicating the levels of biodiversity all around the globe.
8   Link   Times Higher Education
A new report by the British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the Dutch BirdLife International organisation reveals a severe decline in European bird populations, especially those migrating between Africa and Europe.
9   Link   UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme
UNEP provides a detailed outline about the different projects and upcoming events dealing with related topics as well as publications and available information materials.