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Impact of power lines
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1   Link   Birds and Powerlines
The website provides information on the protection of birds against electrocution through power lines. Main focus are big birds species.
2   Link   US Electric company guilty of killing 232 eagles – Must pay $10.5 million
Utility Giant to Pay Millions for Eagle Protection
July 2009. PacifiCorp, one of the largest electric utilities in the USA, pleaded guilty to unlawfully killing golden eagles and other migratory birds. The company was ordered to pay over $10.5 mill
3   Link   Caution: Electrocution! - Suggested Practices for Bird Protection on Power Lines
This NABU brochure provides information on electrocution and its worldwide threat for birds. It also contains mitigation guidelines and decribes the technical standards necessary for constructions to protect affected bird species.
4   Link   ‘EcoNIOKR’ Ltd. Ecological scientific research and construction
This site explores the issue of bird mortalities as a result of electrocution, and introduces a device designed to make power grids in Russia less dangerous. (page is in Russian).
5   Link   ‘Rate of Bird Collision with Power Lines: Effects of Conductor-Marking and Static Wire-Marking’
A Study by Guyonne F. E. Janss & Miguel Ferrer, which examines the use of different markers to reduce bird collisions with power lines in Spain.
6   Link   BirdLife International. ‘Price of power’
An interesting article on the impacts of electric power lines on birds.
7   Link   American Bird Conservancy. ‘Mortality Threats to Birds - Power Lines’
This website presents a general overview of the effects power lines have on birds.
8   Link   Avian Power Line Interaction Committee. ‘Suggested Practices for Avian Protection on Power Lines’
A comprehensive resource for addressing the issue of avian electrocutions at electric power facilities.