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Impact of wind turbines
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1   Link   ’Bird Migration and Wind Turbines: Migration Timing, Flight Behavior and Collision Risk’
An article by John Richardson that reviews and discusses the aspects likely to alter the risk of collision with wind turbines.
2   Link   NABU. ‘The Impacts of Exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources on Biodiversity: the Example of Birds and Bats’
A survey, which focuses on the impacts of wind turbines on migratory birds and bats.
3   Link   UNEP/AEWA Secretariat. ‘Possible Impacts of Planned Wind Farms in Bulgaria on Migratory Species’
A case study on planned wind farms along a major flyway in Bulgaria.
4   Link   American Bird Conservancy. ‘Mortality Threats to Birds - Wind Turbines’
This website presents a general overview of the effects of wind turbines and their threats to birds.
5   Link   Wind Turbine - www.windturbines.net
Website where industry professionals come together to share ideas, experiences and their expertise about wind power as a clean renewable source of energy.