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Impact of windows and tall buildings
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1   Link   Window Kills
This website contains information on how glass windows are threatening birds. Tips on how to better protect birds from building collisions at your home or office are also provided.
2   Link   Fact Sheet: Sheet Glass - an invisible and lethal hazard for birds
A simple “Fact Sheet” by Dr. Klem at the Acopian Center for Ornithology which gives a clear and concise overview of the issue.
3   Link   Birds and Windows
This website provides information on glass windows and their affects on birds. Next to general information on the topic the website contains an online data sheet tracking window collisions of birds globally.
4   Link   The effects of window collisions - powerpoint presentation
The following presentation emphasizes the effects of window collisions. Birds that are involved in these collisions leave ghostly imprints on the window surface. The images used display the nature of such heavy and often deadly strikes.
5   Link   Glass: A Deadly Conservation Issue for Birds
An article in "The Bird Observer" by Dr. Klem on the effects of collision mortality on birds caused by windows. It underlines that clear and reflective sheet glass causes the deaths of more birds than any other human-related avian mortality factor.
6   Link   Birds and Buildings Forum
The website provides information on the effects of windows and tall buildings on birds.
7   Link   The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP)
FLAP provides useful information on different obstacles along flyway routes, including windows.