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Land use changes & their impact on migratory birds
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  Link   U.S. Geological Survey - National Water Summary on Wetland Resources
A report outlining the importance of wetlands and the effects of their degradation on migratory birds.
  Link   Living on the Edge: Wetlands and Birds in a Changing Sahel
A book summarizing the conservation threats and challenges for wetlands and birds in the Sahel region of Africa.
  Link   Centre for Sustainability and Global Environment
Examines the connections between natural resources, technology and policy, human health and security, and changes in the global environment.
  Link   State of the World’s Water Birds 2010 - Wetlands International
This booklet aims to summarise what is known about the status of waterbird populations in different parts of the world.
  Link   Finding Solutions to Habitat Loss- Partners in Flight
A report by Partners in Flight that addresses the effects of habitat loss on birds and provides possible solutions.
  Link   U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  Link   Report on Waterbirds around the World- Joint Nature Conservation Committee
A report by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee that provides a global overview of the conservation, management and research of the world's waterbird flyways.
  Link   The Wings Over Wetlands Project
Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) aimed to improve the conservation of African-Eurasian migratory waterbirds through implementing measures to conserve the critical network of sites that these birds require to complete their annual cycle.
  Link   The Economics of Ecosystem Biodiversity- TEEB
The TEEB report draws attention to the global economic benefits of biodiversity, and highlights the growing costs of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation.
  Link   Shorebird - Conservation in Australia
Publication about Australia's shorebirds, their habitats and the threats they are facing.
  Link   Wikipedia: Saemangeum
Basic information about Saemangeum, a very important wetland on the Yellow Sea.
  Link   Wikipedia: Yellow Sea
General information on the Yellow Sea as one of the most important stop over sites for migratory birds of the East-Asian Australasian Flyway.
  Link   The seasonal role of isolated wetlands in the Sahel: key resources for people and biodiversity, under pressure from global change
Paper that shows the value of more than 1000 isolated wetlands in Niger to birds.
  Link   Waterbirds and other migratory birds in Niger
Futher information on waterbirds and other migratory birds in Niger, including pictures, is available from the Niger Bird DataBase.
  Link   Building resilience to climate change : ecosystem-based adaptation and lessons from the field
This book contains a chapter on showing the serious changes at a dozen isolated wetlands in Niger between 1993-1994 and 2006-2008.
  Link   BirdLife International - Spotlight on flyways
Article by BirdLife International describing the various threats migratory birds are facing along their migration routes.
  Link   The waterbirds of Durban Bay, South Africa - a worst-casescenario of African coastal wetland destruction
Paper on wetland destruction in South Africa.
  Link   Strategies for Conserving Migratory Waterbirds
Proceedings of Workshop 2 of the 2nd International Conference on Wetlands and Development held in Dakar, Senegal, 8–14 November 1998.