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Event in Armenia: "Illegal Killing of Migratory Birds" Educational Lecture in Dsegh Village

This year, the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds NGO (BirdLife in Armenia) will organize an Educational Lecture in Nature Visitor Centre in Dsegh Village (Lori Province, northern part of Armenia).

There will be:

  • a brief introduction about World Migratory Bird Day as an Annual Global Celebration, its history, goals and past experience;
  • a brief lecture about migratory bird species which are at risk of illegal killing, taking and trade;
  • a role-play discussion (hunters vs. conservationists) among two groups of children;
  • a quiz with some prizes.

The NGO will involve in this activity schoolchildren from several regional villages, near Dsegh Village.

The aim of this event is to raise knowledge about the importance of the conservation of local wildlife especially among children living in rural areas, preparing them for when they take over responsibility for the environment from their elders.



This article was written by Nicole Spada during her internship at the Common Information Management, Communication and Outreach Team of the UNEP/CMS and UNEP/AEWA Secretariats.