Mersi Expo

"Mersi" is the name of bird watching activities that are commonly scheduled by BIONIC (Biology UNY Ornithology Club). The word “Mersi” represents an acronym of the Javanese word “Mersani Peksi”, which means to watch birds. Activity "Mersi" has taken place for 3 years running, but in this year (2008), it is carried out as an exhibition or expo event to touch broader scope of people.
Main theme of this event is “Merapiku hijau, Merapiku berkicau”, it's the same as Green Merapi Mountain for Nature Birds Conservation. The purposes is to introduce bird species variety in Telaga Putri Park with fun, increase the public’s awareness and consciousness to their environment, optimize the potency of area of Telaga Putri as the function of vacation, education, science, cultural and recreation.
This activity will be a combination of recreation, education and information with activity of bird watching. Technically it will be realized by placing various stands in Telaga Putri Park, such as stands of information, stands of games, stands of creativity and stands of bird watching. Target group of this event are visitors of Telaga Putri Park, including children, adolescents, adults and parents (families). They will be invited to follow & discuss with each other at the existing stands. The "Mersi Expo" will take place each Sunday, 4 times in a row on April 27th , 04th , 11th and 18th May 2008.

Telaga Putri Park, Kaliurang, Marapi Mountain National Park, DIY, Java 7° 47' 51.3312" S, 110° 22' 14.5704" E
Start date: 
Sunday, April 27, 2008 - 00:00
End date: 
Sunday, May 18, 2008 - 02:00