Networking for the sake of birds

A brief coverage of Iranian programs for the Migratory Birds Day 2013

Networking & hyperlinking for the sake of birds via birdwatching

Ceremony's subject: marking the international migratory birds day 2013

Occasion date:
Place of occurrence: City of Bandar abbas-Province of Hormozgan-iran

Inspirations & planning
Once it comes to birds, the enthusiast person from corner of this glob come to gather and works for the sake of heavens' livings.
Since the early days of announcing birds migratory days' motto & logo here in Iran, the eager birdwatcher groups, people and organizations and all devotee ones try to plan for and get ready to join this international occasion and as so 3 parties including Hormozgan department of environment, Tarlan birdwatching and ornithological group and Mashq-e-Afarinesh Companyput to gather their potentials and set some programs to cherish & mark this bird friendly occasions in Iranian environmental calendar.
The program was inspired from the global motto of this year; networking for migratory birds.One birdwatching group from the capital city of Tehran, one birdwatching NGO from south province of Hormozgan and one governmental body have managedto holdhand in hand these programs in province of Hormozgan in a cooperative mannerism.

The major members:
Mr. A. Hashemi head of Tarlan Birdwatching and ornithological Groupwith a group of people and their gears & gadgets traveled to city of Bandar Abbas and hosted by Hormozgan department of environment and Mashq-e-AfarineshNGO-Training Company in 2013 springtime.

Programs & activities:
Professional program:
Visiting int.wetlands& birdwatching tour
Tarlan birdwatching and ornithological group provided with a birdwatching tour within the international Azini&Khour-e-Khouran wetlands and visiting mangrove forest and observing regional native and migratory sea birds including (Bar-tailed Godwit- Eurasian Curlew- Slender-billed Gull- Curlew Sandpiper- Kentish Plover- Marsh Sandpiper- Gull-billed Tern- Grey Plover- Little Stint- Terek Sandpiper- Common Sandpiper- Whimbrel- Caspian Tern- Temminck's Stint- Sanderling- Broad-billed Sandpiper- Grey Heron- Ringed Plover- Little Egret- Black-winged Stilt- Greenshank- Lesser Crested Tern- Marsh Harrier- Great Knot- Swift Tern- Greater Sand Plover- House Crow)

Public program:
Seashore birdwatching & public awareness activity
Later on once the team has back to the city of Bandar Abbas then-by cooperation of 3 parties having a public program in Bandar Abbasseashore.this program was received a warm welcome by a group of enthusiastic people for birds or birdwatching .wide variety of people have participated in this program including Hormozgan environmental department's deputy and stuff, Islamic Azad university professor ,nationally renowned nature photographer, news agency and journalists ,members of Mashq-e-Afarinesh NGO, students and native people.
During this program, some interviews have been done which were published into local T.V channel & Mags that helps to raise the awareness level and better publicity among society.
Networking lunch& launch networking:
Well and truly, the program could translate this year's Motto into action and networking a professional birdwatching group from capital city of Iran with a birdwatching NGO in South seaside province of Hormozgan and one governmental body (Hormozgan Department of environment) with all people whom directly or indirectly taking part for the sake of migratory birds. Interestingly, all 3 parties have seated the same table and having lunch together to keep the maximum networking as possible. An hour later there was a farewell ceremony and since then networking for birds across the distances has kicked off.

Province of Hormozgan 27° 8' 19.4028" N, 55° 8' 15.2988" E
Start date: 
Saturday, May 11, 2013 - 00:00
End date: 
Monday, May 13, 2013 - 02:00
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