Bird Camp

Aves Migratorias no PN Lagoa do Peixe

Festival de aves migratorias no Parque Nacional da Lagoa do Peixe.Apresentaçoes,palestras,mini-cursos,saidas a campo para observaçao de aves.


WMBD on IBA «Dalverzin hunting-management area» in Uzbekistan

Being BirdLife Affiliate Partner, Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds (UzSPB) takes part in WMBD campaign from 2011. Under the aegis of Spring Alive members and volunteers of UzSPB conducted educational activities and birdwatching events dedicated to the World Migratory Bird Day 2015 on IBAs in Uzbekistan in the framework of the project «Developing mechanisms for conservation and sustainable use of the main ecosystems in Uzbekistan». The venues for WBMD 2015 were IBAs «Dalverzin hunting management area», «Ayakagima lake» and «Amankutan pass».

Word Migratory bird Day 2015.

We will hold a bird ringing session in the Zaframagon Nature Reserve.

Igdir Aras River Bird Paradise World Migratory Bird Day and Global Big Day

We will celebrate the 10. anniversary of Aras River Bird Banding, Research, and Education Center with bird banding demonstration, birdwatching, a big day attempt, a press conference and our campaign to from the pointless Tuzluca Dam. Please join more than 60,000 signatures to


A photoexhibition of birds is being organised on the theme of "Wonderful Migration of birds". All pictures will be shown in the exhibition. They are made by Guldev Raj, wildlife photographer and head of Himalayan avians foundation.

Ornithological camp Savica

This year, traditional spring ringing camp at oxbow lake Savica in Zagreb (only 4 km from the city ceneter) started on April, 1st. During weekend April 8-9, visits for birdwatchers attending the \"Ornithological School\" will be organized with special attention to the life cicle of migratory birds, scientific study on bird migration and status of migratory birds in Croatia.

Migratory Water Bird Count and Ringing Camp at Imbwa Sewage Ponds, Chitungwiza

An overnight camp will be organized at Imbwa Sewage Ponds, 40 km outside Harare. School children, teachers, BirdLife Zimbabwe members and staff, and representatives of government departments will be invited. There will be waterbird counts at the ponds, ringing of waterbirds and discussions on avian influenza and migratory birds.

Migratory Bird Watch at Farakka Barrage, Malda, West Bengal, India

On that particular day a birdwatching trip will be organised at the Farakka Barrage site where thousands of migratory waterbirds are coming during winter months. This birdwatching trip is meant for local people and school children for awareness generation about birds of the region.

Field Trip to Ayrag Lake-Ramsar Site, Mongolia

A field trip will be organised, visiting Ayrag Lake, a Ramsar Site in western Mongolia. Participants of the trip are biology students of Khovd University. The activity is sponsored by the project \"Support of HUN Club’s conservation and public awareness activities in western Mongolia\" which is supported by the Asian Waterbird Conservation Fund which is administered by WWF Hong Kong.


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