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Birds - Friends of fishermen

Green habitat is an organisation for the conservation of biodiversity in Chavakkad Thaluk in the area of Kerala, India. Every October migratory birds visit the Pavaratty mangrove area and the area of Chavakkad Beach and Enammakal Kole land.
This year we will conduct a workshop for school children in those areas and a bird watching camp for fishermen.

Alla scoperta degli uccelli migratori: sessione di censimento aperta al pubblico e visita guidata

La Riserva Naturale Ripa Bianca di Jesi celebrerà Sabato 14 maggio dalle ore 08.00 alle ore 12.00 la giornata mondiale degli uccelli migratori attraverso una sessione di censimento tramite inanellamento dei passeriformi e una visita guidata alle aree umide sulla tematica delle migrazioni. La manifestazione viene realizzata dalla stazione ornitologica della Riserva e condotta con la collaborazione degli esperti dell’Associzione A.R.C.A.

Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias

En la ciudad de san José del Guaviare (Colombia) ubicada con coordenadas Geográficas 2°34′15″N 72°38′25″O, el día ocho de abril del presente año se realizaron actividades correspondiente al Día mundial de las aves migratorias. Diferentes instituciones académicas, corporaciones ambientales y gubernamentales presentes en la ciudad realizaron charlas sobre Aves migratorias y efectos de la deforestación en el Amazonas, relaciono a continuación los temas tratados:

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration at Aras Bird Research & Education Center

As previous years KuzeyDoga Society will be celebrating World Migratory Bird Day at Aras Bird Research and Education Center in northeastern Turkey. Aras valley is an important bird migration site where millions of passerines and soaring birds migrate from Africa to Eurasia and vice versa. KuzeyDoga Society has been ringing birds in this valley since 2006 and the data we have collected how Aras valley is important for bird migration due to the individuals we retrapped.

World Migratory Bird Day in Kosovo

There will be activities all around Kosovo with a main event in Prishtina, the capital of our country. In cooperation with the Environmental Ministry of Kosovo and other NGO Environmental Organizations there a meeting in Prishtina will be organised in the centre of the city. This includes a photo exhibition, organized by "Finch" at AUK (American University of Kosova) as well as birdwatching activities at the outscirts of the city.
The second day will also offer birdwatching experiences at Dragashi Municipality, trying to find migratory birds that breed at a famous lake of Brezne.

Prenuptial Bird Migration Suirvey Camp

Since 1986, a long-term survey of the prenuptial bird migration is lead at the top of the Medoc peninsula near Bordeaux. Each day and during the whole journey, birds are counted by professionnals and volunteers. You are welcome to particpate or simply enjoy the show. About 400.000 birds of 150 sepcies can be seen.

Journées Mondiales des Oiseaux Migrateurs

Exhibition on migration at the media library in the village of La Turbie, in the south of France on May 13 & 14.

On May 14 & 15 a bird camp will be held in the hills above La Turbie. The Mont Bataille has a 360° view from the Mediterranean sea to the mountains and is an excellent spot for the observation of migrating bee eaters and honey buzzards at the time of WMBD. Local ornithologists will explain the mysteries of migration to the general public.

WMBD 2011 celebrations in the United Republic Of Tanzania

On both days East African Outdoor Adventures will implement Birdwatching activities and will teach participants about birds. The event will take place in two separate areas to cover as many bird species as possible and to show the diversity of birds. The two areas chosen, have different land use status. Makuyuni lies next to Manyara Ranch/ Wildlife corridor area while Kitefu is a village with scattered settlements, located south west of Mt Meru and north west of Mt Kilimanjaro. The vegetation covered in the two sites differs a lot.

Ramnamanjato Jean Baptiste

NGOs, students and QMM employees will observe aquatic birds during 2 days. The morning session of the event runs from 5h00hrs until 9h00hrs with birdwatching activities and will be followed by sensitisation about the 2011 theme.
In 2010, within the 2 days we observed around 300 aquatic birds. QMM supports this educational programm since 2002 and this year will be the 10th anniversary of our birdwatching event in collaboration with Asity Madagascar.

San Salvador de Jujuy Bird´s

We will teach courses relating to the conservation of birds in our province for field trips, currently taking place. We will conduct awareness raising talks throughout the year. Additionally, we will offer a trip to Lagunas de los Pozuelos (Ramsar Site) to observe migratory plovers coming from the North Pole.


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