MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre

Cada año, en motivo del Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias, MónNatura Delta del Ebro oferece actividades especiales entorno a las aves para fomentar la conservación estas especies de aves y de sus hábitats.





Sábado 13 de mayo

11: 30h - "Nidos de pájaros" - Taller infantil donde se construirá una caja-nido para poder colgar en el jardín o terraza. 

12: 30h - Charla "¿Qué hacer si nos encontramos un pájaro salvaje herido o enfermo? a cargo de los Agentes rurales. 

Homat Al Hima - The Way of Life to Sustainable Development - Kids Day

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon, in collaboration with the municipality of Kherbet Kanafar, will be hosting a national conference titled “Homat Al Hima - The Way of Life, for Sustainable Development”, under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism. The two-day-conference is planned in partnership with the West Bekaa Country Club and Homat Al Hima International; funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation - SDC and MAVA Foundation.

United event for the World Migratory Bird Day

Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia invited individuals and organizations that love birds to celebrate the World Migratory Bird Day in 2017. The celebration will be a joint united event by the Mongolian Bird Watching Club, Mongolian Bird Conservation Center, Gamma Photography Agency, United Association of Mongolian Photographers, and the Ulaanbaatar City Government.

BirdWatching Kayak Spring Time

BirdWatching Kayak" Spring Time 
Be Wild .... it's Spring Time..... finding Birds 

In collaboration between WildLife Masry and Nile Kayak Club at Royal Club Mohamed-Aly, we are continue organizing the First BirdWatching Kayak in Cairo in this Spring, Egypt, Friday 8th May 2017 7:30am to 10:00am inshaa Alla.

We will experience the adventure to be among reed & water birds by kayaks. Kayaking is giving you a closer look to Nile nature & quite birdwatching. Also we will have to learn how to read water currents, navigate through different currents. 


Actividades en el Paraje Natural Municipal del Clot de Galvany (Elche, Spain):

Días 13 y 14 de mayo.


College of African Wilderness Experience is brainchild of East African Outdoor Adventures; it trains Wildlife photo safari and Mt Kilimanjaro guides both boys and girls. The College is based in Usa River Township, 21 km East of Arusha.

Jornada de Puertas abiertas y observación de Aves Migratorias en la Estación Ornitológica de Tarifa

Desde las 10:00 horas a 13:00 horas y de 18 horas a 20:00 horas realizamos una jornada de puertas abiertas y observación de aves migratorias en la Estación Ornitológica de Tarifa (Colectivo Ornitológico Cigüeña Negra & Ayuntamiento de Tarifa), acompañados por voluntarios del Colectivo Ornitlógico Cigüeña Negra, donde le mostraran estas instalaciones públicas destinadas al Voluntariado Ambiental a la vez que permanece abierto el observatorio de las instalaciones para que los asistententes puedan contemplar la migración de Aves Planeadoras por el Estrecho de Gibraltar.

Excursion to the salt meadows Karrendorfer Wiesen

Just outside of Greifswald the Karrendorfer Wiesen provide a splendid location for bird watching at WMBD! The Michael Succow Foundation is inviting bird-lovers at 10th May at 4 p.m. on a guided tour to see long-distance migrants such as the sedge and warbler, wheatears, redshanks and avocet. Back from their wintering grounds in sub-Sahara Africa they breed there in reeds, on the salt meadows and the shore area. Waders such as wood sandsnipers and dunlins might also be spotted on their way further North. Apart from that there are skylarks and greylag goose.

Educational Activity; Birdwatcing and Bird camp

The AFRICAN WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE COLLEGE, will host 20 or so Tour Guide Course students from Tanzania for the event. It will be a camp as usual in Longido Township, northern Tanzania. Participants will be trained about Birds Identification and Birding Techniques as applied to East African Birds. Other subjects to be taught are Ecological Function of Birds; Birds Migration and its aspects; Cultural and Socio- Economic value of Birds.

Migratory shore bird monitoring and campaign in Wasur National Park

Migratory shore bird monitoring aiming to collect the data for migratory bird species management in national park. Campaign together the university's students are aiming to raise awareness for the community. In this activity, we will be giving some educational material i.e leaflets and brochures to the beach visitors in and around national park.


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