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Orchards for birds

Almost 400 students of the University Lucian Blaga from Sibiu ( the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection are performing maintaining activities inside the Rusciori orchard from Sibiu county Romania a surface of almost 40 ha covered by 20 ha of apple trees where wild birds from Passeriformes are nesting. Also white stalks and owls species are present into the orchard.

We need migratory birds as spring heralds, not killed and caged

Natural History Museum for the first time organize World Migratory Bird Day. It has been planned to do some workshops and quiz with school children during the day. In the evening we will have lectures about bird migration in all its beauty and about threats that birds faces during the migration by scientists involved in bird protection in Serbia.

Svjetski dan ptica selica

This is the second year for ZOO Osijek to organize educational activity about World Migratory Bird Day.

Last year we had a lot of children who learned some basic things about migratory birds.

This year we will attract more children to ZOO in their schools with interesting education programs, original posters and other WMBD materials.

They will learn about many problems that migratory birds are passing through, and how to change it.


Identify your local Birds - WMBD16

Birds of Gujarat in Association with Gujarat Nature Conservation Society Vadodara Celebrates Birds of Gujarat's 10 Anniversary and to Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day and 10th Anniversary we have plan Event 2 days Prior to Actual WMBD-16, on 8th May. We have Talk from Birding Experts on Bird identification, and it's Conservation. Event will start on 9:00 AM Local time and End at Evening 5:00PM with Validictory Function. During workshop we teach identification of birds and also encourage Participants to prepare their list of Local Birds on 10th May and submit us by Evening of 10th May.

Desenhando Migratorias na costa Atlantica sur

we will paint bird species that pass through the Brazilian Atlantic coast . in two days sharing experiences and teaching the types of feeding them. taking into account environmental problematic on your journey ... how human activity influences . then we walk to the old church on an ornithological visit with some friends. in Vila Velha , a small city for estate of Espiritu Santo Brasil.... 

Giornata Mondiale degli Uccelli Migratori - Scuola Elementare "Barra"

Organizzatore: Sezione LIPU-Salerno - BirdLife intenational

Luogo: Salerno, Scuola Elementare "Barra"



  1.                Proiezione video filmati contro il commercio illegale degli uccelli -Video del CITES-
  2.                Dibattito con i giovani ragazzi della scuola Elementare sul bracconaggio degli uccelli.


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End the unsustainable bird hunting

The Ministry of the environment through the "Migratory soaring birds project" will organise two awareness events to celebrate the world migratory bird day under the slogan "End the unsustainable bird hunting". The celebration this year aims to raise awareness about the negative effects of illegal hunting in Egypt and introduce alternatives and methods of sustainable hunting.

Migratory Birds in the Dead Sea Margins and Madaba

- Birdwatching trip to the Dead Sea margins SW of Madaba on 29th April, to watch migratory soaring birds, especially Levant Sparrow Hawk .. 

- ringing activities at Madaba, in cooperation with the American University of Madaba; ringing is to be introduced by Prof. Fares Khoury, a Jordanian ornithologist and licenced ringer; date 10-13th May. 


Por tercera vez consecutiva la Fundación FELCA y la Reserva Natural Río Ñambí celebran el dia mundial de las aves migratorias. Durante este día de evento realizaremos salidas de observación de aves con niños, niñas y jovenes campesinos e indigenas Awaá con el objetivo de tomar conciencia de la importancia de la aves migratorias y su función en el ecositema, en uno de los lugares con mayor diversidad de aves del planeta. 


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