Educational Activity

World Migratory Bird Day 2014

We will organize a program where school kids to university students will participate through different events like drawing, debate, quiz, documentary, lectures etc. It will also be covered by local media.

BirdLife Port Natal/Durban Botanic Gardens Bird Education Event

On 20 and 21 May 2014 100 Grade 6 learners from various schools around Durban will visit the Durban Botanic Gardens. In the gardens they will be divided into small groups of 'tourists' who will be taken on a guided tour of four different stations in the Gardens. On their tour they will learn about the biodiversity in the gardens, the links between birds and plants and experience avitourism first hand when they get to watch birds through binoculars and telescopes.

World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day 2014 will be celebrated on 11 May 2014, in three different venues i.e. Cox's Bazar Sadar, Sonadia Island and Teknaf Sadar in Cox's Bazar district of Bangladesh. Mass community awareness activity includes colorful rally, quiz competition, and open discussion followed by speeches from special guests. Tools of the awareness activity are poster, t-shirt and banner.

Day of Migratory Birds

Birding, tree planting, cleaning and renovation the Headquerters and Stationary camp, attendees will sing songs and read poems, video "Wing migration" with participation Friends of Muraviovkpa Park - school children and teachers, university students, retired people, and mass media May 8-10

"asas do tua"

Black Wheatear
Oenanthe leucura
Hard to find, due to their scarcity and inaccessibility of most
places where it occurs, the wheatear is an enigmatic black-bird, one missing many observers currently the wheatear-Black is now a nationally rare species.
Douro Valley in the region of Carrazeda Ansiães, supports the observation
this species ...
Come watch him closely!
We will guide you throughout your booking and natural habitat.
Contact us.

Bird Watching with BANCA

BANCA will have a bird watching trip within Kan Daw Gyi lake with its members. This trip will be for education and fun purposes as well as connecting environmental awareness ideas towards local public.

Osservazione della migrazione dei rapaci

XVII campo di volontariato sulla migrazione dei rapaci nel Parco.
Il campo di volontariato sulla migrazione dei rapaci è giunto alla sua 17° edizione e sarà aperto dal 15 aprile al 31 maggio 2014. Dall’inizio della ricerca sulla migrazione il Parco offre la possibilità a volontari, appassionati o semplice curiosi, di partecipare alla campagna di osservazione che si svolge ogni anno in primavera.
Sotto la supervisione di un esperto i volontari possono avere l’opportunità di seguire centinaia di rapaci e conoscere meglio questi splendidi animali.

Workshop Migrasi Burung di Parahyangan

Kegiatan ini dibagi menjadi dua bagian kegiatan 1. Workshop yang akan dilaksanakan pada hari Sabtu tanggal 10 Mei 2014 di Gedung PPSDAL-LPPM Unpad, Sekeloa-Bandung. 2. Kunjungan lapangan/Ekskursi pada hari Minggu tanggal 11 Mei 2014 akan dilakukan di sekitat lokasi kawasan Panaruban, Gunung Tangkuban Perahu atau beberapa lokasi potensial di sekitar Bandung
Kegiatan ini merupakan inisiasi BICONS (Bird Conservation Society) serta BWP (Be Wildlife Photography) dalam mengisi momentum migrasi burung tahun 2014

Observacion de Aves

Estamos Organizando un jornada de Observacion de Aves en el Parque Departamental Lomas de Arena y Area Natural de Manejo Integrado, Dentro de la misma se tiene un total de 285 especies de aves de las cuales muchas son migratorias. El evento esta abierto para la comunidad local.


Llevamos tres años desarrollando el grupo de observadores de aves "Carcajada" en una comunidad de familias desplazadas por nuestro conflicto. Además hemos diseñado un recorrido alrededor de la comunidad que se llama Ecopaseo Carcajada, en el cual tenemos un inventario de las aves en las diferentes épocas del año. Este sábado estaremos realizando el recorrido pero dando nuestro primeros pasos en Inglés.


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