Educational Activity

Fly away ... with me

On the 10th of May the italian zoo Parco Natura Viva is organizing the  "Fly Away ... with me" event to inform visitors about the theme of migration. Main character of the day would be the Northen Bald Ibis which, in the last years, is reconquering the italian sky thanks to a Life & Biodiversity Project. Parco Natura Viva is the only italian partner of this project that aim to teach to a flock of birds the migratory route from Austria to Tuscany in Italy. Our visitors could learn about this by playing a snakes and ladders game and children could create their own migrant Ibis.

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration 2015

Nature Iraq Organization, through its "Jensen Project for the Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Iraqi Central Marshes" together with BirdLife International, will celebrate this year's WMBD in the Central Marshes as the area is one of the most important wetland in the Middle East and the globe that receives many migratory and threatened bird species and is within the flyways of many global birds.

Know both Visitor and Local Birds

Birds of Gujarat in association with Gujarat Nature Education Park Vadodara, celebrating an education event and a bird-watching event for 2 days for school and college students.

Discovering the migratory birds

The Biosfera is inviting all those who are interested to participate in a field trip (WWTP Mindelo) to have a class on migrating birds and discover the particularities of these tireless travelers. The event will take place on the 9th and 10th (Saturday and Sunday) meeting at the Biosfera Headquarters in Mindelo by 15:00 pm. Each participant is entitled to a field notebook for notes and Biosfera technicians, binoculars and telescopes will be at their disposal.


A photoexhibition of birds is being organised on the theme of "Wonderful Migration of birds". All pictures will be shown in the exhibition. They are made by Guldev Raj, wildlife photographer and head of Himalayan avians foundation.

Educational event at Vrezh Hambardzumyan Basic School No. 17 in Yerevan, Armenia

Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds (ASPB) will organise a Power Point presentation on topic of "Energy - make it bird-friendly!" at Vrezh Hambardzumyan Basic School No. 17. During the session school children will learn about the barriers to migration with specific highlights about energy sources which cause mass death to birds such as solar panels, wind farms and high voltage power lines. After the session there will be an organised discussion of solutions to make the energy bird-friendly.

Urdaibai a nice and safe stopover for birds

Hello everybody.

We are writing from Urdaibai, a Biosphere Reserve which is situated in Bizkaia, Basque Country.

Urdaibai Bird Center is a great living museum of the nature, open to the public for enjoying with the world of birds and their migrations. We want to inform you about our activities due to the World Migratory Bird Day.

In order to celebrate the Wolrd Migratory Bird Day Urdaibai Bird Center has organised a variety of different activities:

Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias. Disfrutamos de los pájaros para siempre

Ven a conocer el esfuerzo que hacen las aves migratorias cada año para llegar a nuestro hogar, con charlas, presentaciónes, juegos, manualidades y mas... Para toda la familia

Vine a conèixer l'esforç que fan les aus migratòries cada any per arribar a la nostra llar, amb xerrades, presentacions, jocs, manualitats i mes ... Per a tota la família

Come and find out how much effort migratory birds put in to getting to our home every year, with talks, presentations, games, cratfs and more... For all the family

WMBD 2015 in Bali

On 9th may we're going to organize an educational activity about "bird-watching". On 10th may we're going out to practically do the birdwatching on serangan island, Bali.


Caceres Bird Festival, Spain

The ornithological and environmental wealth of Caceres, a World Heritage Site and the third Monumental Site in Europe, is the theme for this festival which takes place each year in May and which enables us to enjoy and discover the capital city of Caceres from a different perspective.


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