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Outskirt area of protected areas - alternative wintering sites for migratory birds

This WMBD event includes discussions and interactions on the surveys that have been carried out by school children in the winter season. Resided communities from all around the protected areas (such as Keoladeo National Park (Bharatpur, Rajasthan) and Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary (Sirohi, Rajasthan) will take part in the event accompanied by local/regional media. The interactive sessions will raise awareness on the importance of these sites and strategies for the protection of these sites will be discussed.

Ramnamanjato Jean Baptiste

NGOs, students and QMM employees will observe aquatic birds during 2 days. The morning session of the event runs from 5h00hrs until 9h00hrs with birdwatching activities and will be followed by sensitisation about the 2011 theme.
In 2010, within the 2 days we observed around 300 aquatic birds. QMM supports this educational programm since 2002 and this year will be the 10th anniversary of our birdwatching event in collaboration with Asity Madagascar.

San Salvador de Jujuy Bird´s

We will teach courses relating to the conservation of birds in our province for field trips, currently taking place. We will conduct awareness raising talks throughout the year. Additionally, we will offer a trip to Lagunas de los Pozuelos (Ramsar Site) to observe migratory plovers coming from the North Pole.

Kashmir - Birds in Paradise

Associated Media will showcase migratory birds in "Paradise on the Earth" - Kashmir. We will involve many schools for film showing sessions to create general awareness about the plight and misuse of marshy wetlands and depressions - the home of migratory birds - for constructing houses and resendential areas.

Save Migratory Birds in Himalaya

Awareness campaign shall be held in Primary, Middle and High Schools where students shall take part in Poster, Painting, Symposium and Rally. Bird Watching camps shall also be held. lectures on the migrating species and their migrating routes shall also be held. About 300 students, 50 schools shall be participating in three districts of Ramban, Doda and Kishtwar in J&K state of India.

Loktak -World Migratory Bird Day -12

Will organize a two day bird watching camp for the school children and media personal. There will also be distribution of leaplets and photograpy etc.

Aves migratorias en la ría de Avilés

Diversas actividades alrededor de las aves migratorias en los alrededores de Avilés y su ría.
Concurso de dibujo para escolares, visitas guiadas y jornadas de observación de limícolas en el Monumento Natural de la Charca de Zeluán y Ensenada de Llodero, exposición de dibujos en el Centro Comercial El Atrio del 30/4 al 13/5, exposición de fotos y varteles en el centro municipal de educación ambiental La Noria, charlas en 8 colegios.

Shorebirds ID Booklet Launch

BirdLife Australia's Shorebirds 2020 project will launch a Shorebird ID booklet for World Migratory Bird Day to support its more than 1300 volunteers in their conservation work and raise awareness for the beauty shorebirds and the threats they face in teh East Asian Australasian Flyway

Return of a European cultural bird: the Northern Bald Ibis

Since years we present our Northern Bald Ibis (NBI) conservation project at the world migratory bird day. This year we collaborate with Zoo Vienna. It is mother’s day and a lot of families will visit the zoo. At a central place members of our team will offer information material at an information desk. In addition children are invited to tinker NBI masks. Due to the topic of the World Migratory Bird Day we aim to highlight, that the history of the NBI particularly here in Europe is closely linked to human culture. It is a history of promotion and persecution.

2012 Long Point Birdathon

Join us for the Long Point Birdathon Weekend


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