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Sierra Leone National Celebration Programme for WMBD

1.Production and distribution of wareness raising materials (posters, t-shirts etc.)
2.School Nature Drama Competition
3.Sensitisation parade in the streets of Freetown
4.Media sensitisation pogramme (TV, UN Radio)
5.Bird watching excursion to Aberdeen and Congo Bay

Educational Programme on Migratory Birds for Students

NCF intends to host an educational programme with the theme “migratory birds need our attention now”. Our target audience would be students, we also intend to reach the public by news articles in Nigerian dailies. The educational would include a presentation on the theme. And afterward a guided bird watch in NCFs’ nature reserve

Awareness Raising on Migratory Birds in Atananarivo, Madagascar

An exceptional line-up will be held at the National Television Broadcasting (TVM) Discussion from this exceptional line-up will concern the world migratory birds and the avian flu, AEWA covention, the on-going AEWA convention ratification of the Malagasy Government
Presentation and Film projection concerning the existing world migratory birds in Madagascar will be done at secondary schools in Nanisana, Atananarivo, Madagascar

Birdwatching in the Bamenda Highlands and Conference on Avian Influenza

Saturday 8/04
6 Am: CBCS members in 4 teams leave for birdwatching; they have with them the check list of the migratory birds of Cameroon (218 species). During the excursion all birds that will be observed will be ticked on the check list.

Awareness raising among children

Our activties involved:
1. Awareness among the mass public through
a. involvement of media (general articles &
informations on the migratory bird of local
b. taking excursions in the nearby waterbodies
or terrestrial habitats
c. delivering lectures on ornithology and
avifauna of concerned areas as accrding to
the target groups
d. informal discussions and meetings with the
nature lovers and amateur brdwatchers

El viaje de las aves

Un grupo 15 de niños y niñas de 9 a 11 años del proyecto de Ornitología de Programa Ambiental de nuestra institución, ante el anuncio de la fecha, diseñó a manera de cuento infantil, la información de la migración de las aves y luego convirtió el cuento en una obra de teatro
Con esta obra de teatro, que se presentará el viernes 7 de abril a toda la comunidad educativa de la institución.
Se pretende hacer conciencia de la relación solidaria y responsable que debe generarse entre los seres humanos y la naturaleza.

Migratory Birds in Botswana

Different activities are planned:
1. Press release on WMBD in the Botswana media
2. Publication on migrating birds in different magazines
3. Printing of T-Shirts with migratory waterbirds
4. Educational Activity for teachers
5. Information Panels on migratory waterbirds that will be shown in the Gaborone and Maun BirdLife Offices
6. Video show for Biology students in the University of Botswana

Regional Birdwatching for WMBD

Take a group of wildlife club young members and leaders for activities along the National RAMSAR site for Birdwatching and other observations. We will also talk to community members about Migratoy Bird and their actions to help them. At the end children will make drawings of their choice on the theme followed by a picnic on the beach. [We are holding the activity one week later because the weekend of 12-13 May was election Day in Seychelles so not a very good idea to take children out...]

WMBD 2007 Zimbabwe

-Poems by school kids -Presentations by BirdLife Zimbabwe staff and members -Birdwatching

WMBD 2007 in Cameroon

i) -Awareness campaigns on WMBD, wild birds, climate change and African Flyways in schools (primary school, Secondary/High School and University)
ii) -Meeting with an association of poultry farmers to share information on the role of wild birds in the progation of bird flu.
iii) -Search, arrange and distribute handouts related to migratory birds, bird flu, African flyway and climate change
iv) -Press briefing/media coverage/interviews on the role of migratory birds in a changing climate and information on Africa Flyway concept.


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