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Igdir Aras River Bird Paradise World Migratory Bird Day and Global Big Day

We will celebrate the 10. anniversary of Aras River Bird Banding, Research, and Education Center with bird banding demonstration, birdwatching, a big day attempt, a press conference and our campaign to from the pointless Tuzluca Dam. Please join more than 60,000 signatures to

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration at Aras Bird Research & Education Center

As previous years World Migratory Bird Day will be celebrated at Aras Bird Research and Education Center in Igdir, northeastern Turkey. Aras Valley is an important bird migration site where millions of passerines and soaring birds migrate from Africa to Eurasia and vice versa.

World Migratory Bird Day 2015 is Being Celebrated at Karatas and Burdur Lakes

The 6th Regional Directorate of The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs is organizing the WMBD in Burdur, southwestern Turkey with increasing participation of GOs and NGOs each year.

Burdur Nature Conservation and National Parks Directorate is going to host the WMBD event with the participation of Mehmet Akif Ersoy University students, Turk Hava Kurumu Secondary School students and teachers, Burdur Birdwatching Society members, Lisinia Wildlife Rehabilitation Center team and volunteers, local people, GO and NGO representatives and press.

Media event on mitigation marking of power line

The NamPower/Namibia Nature Foundation will organise a media event on the marking of NamPower's new Walvis Bay-Kuiseb power line at Walvis Bay, Namibia. The power line is being mitigated for potential collisions of waterbirds, including intra-African migrants Lesser Flamingo and Greater Flamingo. A media package will be compiled and distributed, including a detailed media release and WMBD publicity materials. The power line is due to be marked in May/June 2015 and handed over in June/July. The media will also be invited to the handing over ceremony for follow-up publicity.

Living in Harmony with Migratory Birds

Banyumas, a regency in Central Java Province, Indonesia, is a destination for hundreds of migratory birds every year. They use areas of forest  in Banyumas for roosting while they migrate to tropical areas. Unfortunately, the conservation of migratory birds has to compete for attention with other issues.

WMBD is a strategic opoprtunity for raising awareness of the importance of saving forests as the home of thousands of wild animals, including migratory birds.

Mongolia - World Migratory Bird Day 2015

Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia, Mongolian Bird Watching Club and Environmnetal Department of Oyu Tolgoi LLC will organize this year's event through giving speeches on what migratory birds are and threats to them in terms of emerging energy needs during their long distance migration as well as breeding and wintering grounds. We will also hold a Birdwatching session with the participants to raise their knowledge on birds in one of the importanty wetlands near capital city Ulaanbaatar.  

World Migratory Bird Day 2015

Mongolian Ornithological Society in collaboration with Mongolica Co.Ltd is going to celebrate the event for the fourth time in Mongolia. This year the purpose of the event is to raise public awareness of migratory birds and their conservation actions. In this frame, we’re going to conduct a contest of hand drawings and sculptures named “Migratory Birds” among 13-year-old school children from high schools in Ulaanbaatar. On the day of 9th May, 2015 the best hand drawings and sculptures from the contest will be put on exhibition.

World Migratory Birds Day 2015

The event will to take place in the period from 14 - 16 May 2015 in ElHaj abdalla at Gezeira, an area sensitive to the migratory soaring birds; Gezeira embraces giant agricultural schemes, in addition to some important wetlands. These together with irrigation canals form an important habitat for migratory soaring birds. Grid of power lines criss-cross the Gezira scheme, supplying energy to the irrigated schemes as well as heavily populated residential areas. The power lines are relatively old.

Raising National Profile for Migratory Birds in Kenya

Processions will be held at the first 5 sites, including public meetings with speeches, children singing, banners and posters of WMBD. The local Site Support Groups will organise these events. A special bird walk with a focus on migratory birds will take place on 5 April at Nairobi National Park (a minibus will be hired to bring people there). There will be extensive media coverage and articles in the press. A report with pictures will be produced and sent to the BirdLife Africa Secretariat


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