Education on The World Migratory Bird Day in Kosovo

As usual NGO "FINCH" organized this annual event in Kosovo too. 

It organized it first to the Lake of Brezne and then climbed up at the camp of Limth in Dragashi Municipality where we think is the best bird place in Kosovo, one can find different species of birds and their habitat.

The Bird Protection Organization "FINCH" from Prizren, this year with its interesting activities has marked the world day of the migrating birds. 150 members of the environmental association "FINCH", officials of the Ministry of Environment and of the Kosovo Forest Agency and other participants on Saturday were present in the activities for marking the World Migratory Bird Day organized in Lake Brezna and Camp Limth, Municipality of Dragash / Zapllugjej. The activities on this occasion started with the outbreak of wild birds in Lake Breznes. On this occasion, the head of the association "FINCH", Nexhmedin Ramadani, said that through these activities we want to send messages in order to raise awareness of the necessary connection between birds and people.
Meanwhile, the member of FINCH Fabiola Begaj on this occasion said that birds are important indicators of the quality of a country's environment so information and knowledge about their spread are needed for all, including all of our younger members, stressed it. Participants on the note of this day later continued with other activities in the place called Limth, which is located on the slopes of Sharr on the village of Zapllugje, Dragash ...

There were about 200 participants from different sectors such as: members of NGO's, people from both municipalities Prizren and Dragash, peasants etc. 

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Rr. Janina 79
Prizren 42° 11' 32.2116" N, 20° 44' 12.0984" E
Start date: 
Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 19:15
End date: 
Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 21:15