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A G-month function report presented by Chakavak Khalij-e-Fars Institute under Reg. No. 604

Chakavak Khalij-e-Fars Institute was established on 18.10.2017 under Reg. No. 604 and Id. No. 1400/44768. This Institute took step to hold some meetings and training workshops for any rage of age with the aim of the recognition of birdwatching, native and migratory species, the acculturation in the field of birdwatching, the increased public awareness in the field of bioenvironment through emphasizing over birdwatching and species exposed to eradication, aid to the local societies and also the preparation of a stable development setting.

Whereas we need a generation who have been trained not to transact with its natural heritage and to feel responsibility toward it in order to protect the bioenvironment, Chakavak Khalij-e- Fars Institute has taken it’s prominent concentration over the training of the children and has started the training of bioenvironmental, natural heritages, cultural and tourism issues which have a nondisjunctive bond with the bioenvironment concentrated on birdwatching by signing the agreement with schools in this direction.

After signing the agreement with Shahid Fakhraeei school, this institute has taken step to hold birdwatching classes for the different levels and then it takes the students to the monitored regions to exercise birdwatching practically.

In order to establish security and discipline in holding such tours, the region is monitored and protected behalf of the members of the institute. the necessary facilities are prepared in order to hold training tour such as transportation, breakfast, and bird watching instruments including binoculars and telescope.

There are some schools and centers like Shahid Fakhraeei school, Saman school, Moslehian scholl, Bahonar school and Shahid Khoshbakht Researching center which Chakavak institute presents them the training services.

the bird census is the other activity which was done by Chakavak institute with the collaboration of bioenvironment Department in the province that the result gained in the above census is kept in the archives of the institute.

One of the most important programs of Chakavak-e- Khalij-e- Fars is the plan under title of “ Plan of Chakavak plan of a Avicenna seeding for any Bushehr Citizen” that invites the citizens to transplant seedling and to develop green spaces. In the beginning of Nowruz, this plan invite any citizen to receive one Avicennia seedling and put it in Haftsin for green and transplant it in nature after ending vacations. The aim has been to bold responsibility feeling of Citizens in transplanting young trees.

The other actions taken by Chakavak Khalij-e- Fars institute have been to broadcast documentaries and films about birds, animal life and environment, cleaning coast and separation the rubbish from the source.

The manager of Chakavak Khalij-e- Fars institute is Mr. Mohammadmehdi Tayari and the chairment of the board of director is Mr. Mohammadamin Tollab.

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Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 19:15
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Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 21:15