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Not all renewable energy projects are harmless to wildlife. This solar farm threatens the habitat of the Spoon-billed sandpiper: http://bit.ly/2jNx2lL #WMBD2017 #TheirFutureOurFuture


Singapore is an important stop-over point for #migratorybirds. #WMBD2017 #TheirFutureOurFuture @unep_aewa https://t.co/DQU2Wqh30a


Did you know that elephant poachers often poison vultures to prevent detection? Many species are critically endangered and have declined by over 95% in the last few decades. http://bit.ly/2jcXPrz #WMBD2017 #TheirFutureOurFuture



The AEWA Secretariat and Wetlands International call for urgent action to support waterbirds being affected by extremely cold weather in South-Eastern Europe. Also see: http://bit.ly/2jeo3Jl


Collaboration with local communities is essential for bird conservation. #TheirFutureOurFuture – A healthy planet for #migratorybirds and people http://bit.ly/2jpDDqr


The CMS Raptors MoU and EU LIFE+ started developing the 'Egyptian Vulture Flyway Action Plan' (EVFAP) to help stabilize the numbers of breeding pairs across the species' range. It launched a public consultation exercise, which lasts until 20 February and will integrate changes into the Action Plan. #WMBD2017 #TheirFutureOurFuture BirdLife International


The Wadden Sea Celebrates Migratory Birds

Bonn, 05 October 2016 - The Migratory Bird Days are being celebrated from 8 to 16 October in the Wadden Sea National Park. More than 250 events will be organized along the coast of the North Sea and the Frisian Islands.