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Migratory Birds – Ambassadors for Biodiversity PDF Print E-mail

 Photo: Sergey Dereliev (UNEP/AEWA)

About 10,000 bird species exist worldwide and they are a prime example of the enormous diversity in nature. Birds inhabit different types of ecosystems on all continents and embody the concept of global biodiversity like few other species on earth.

Birds are one of the best indicators for the status and trends of wider biodiversity and they play an important role in monitoring changes in our environment. Many birds migrate, spinning a web of interconnected flyways, crossing and enlivening a number of different habitats.

Their ability to link ecosystems, continents and people make migratory birds natural “ambassadors for biodiversity”. Their annual migrations not only help remind us of the interconnectedness of life on our planet, but their journeys also take them to some of the most biologically diverse areas remnant on earth.

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