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The UNEP/AEWA Secretariat would like to thank the following people for their help and dedication. The WMBD 2008 website was made possible through the help of these individuals.


WMBD Website Development Team

Florian Keil – Project Coordination

Johannes Schramm – Web Developer & PHP Programmer (Author of the WMBD Registration System)

Dunia Sforzin – Webmaster

Website Content Production Team

Lead text:

Nikoletta Kolomburda
Samar Gholmié
Maria del Pilar Cossio-Alvarado
Dunia Sforzin
Florian Keil

Editorial Team (WMBD Website)
Robert Vaag
Jolanta Kremer
Catherine Lehmann
Bert Lenten
Sergey Dereliev
Dunia Sforzin

WMBD 2008 Trailer

The WMBD 2008 Trailer "SOUND OF MIGRATION" was produced by Christian Fischer (www.angla.de) / Music by: www.begleitautomatik.de / Original Footage by: Musch & Tinbergen

Photo Credits

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following individuals and organisations for their photo contributions:

Sergey Dereliev (UNEP/AEWA) 
Still Pictures


The WMBD web team would also like to collectively thank the global Joomla! development community for their work on an open source content management system that works! Without it the WMBD 2008 website would only be half of what it currently is and can still become. Thank you for providing us with the ICT tools to help us reach out to the world!