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World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2008 is coming up! For the third time, AEWA and CMS are inviting people, cultures and nations to come together and to celebrate the beauty and ecological importance of migrating birds. Events organised to that end may vary from bird watching tours and educational workshops to dramas, exhibitions and film competitions.

No matter where you are - in the Arctic region or in the savannah, in low valleys and high mountain ranges, in big town halls and small schools all over the world - organise events and be part of this global campaign!

Get inspired by past WMBD events

Get inspired by all the unforgettable events that took place all over the world in 2006 and 2007! Here are just a few examples:


KenyaThe central WMBD 2006 launching event named ‘WINGS’ took place on the edge of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. This impressive artistic show reflected the symbolic value of birds and their historic and cultural significance to humans. More than 200 representatives from all over the world and artists from Turkey, India, Peru, Italy, Kenya, Germany and the USA joined this magnificent event.


On 2nd June 2007, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) celebrated WMBD in Hima Kfar Zabad Wetland, a newly established Important Bird Area (IBA). SPNL's aim in celebrating this event was to enlighten the public in general and children in particular on the intriguing aspect of bird biology, climate change, bird migration and the importance of Hima Kfar Zabad as a main route for African-Eurasian waterbirds. The activities of the day included marshland activities (biking, hiking, canoeing etc), a cultural tour to the Anjar ruins as well as bird games, puzzles and painting.


BangladeshIn Dhaka, a discussion meeting on "Migratory Birds of Bangladesh in a Changing Climate" was held on 13th May 2007. This meeting was organised to build awareness and to reach students and teachers with the message of the day and to sensitise them on the issue. Another event in the port city Chitagaong included: guided bird watches, bird identifications and special events for children like face painting.


In France, the WMBD took place in the Bay of the Somme, one of the most beautiful bays in the world! Amidst this impressive scenery, the two-day festival offered guided bird walks, workshops and a spectacular photo competition. Children also celebrated the WMBD by participating in special workshops.


IndiaDuring WMDB in 2007 several activities were organised especially for schoolchildren in Ladakh, India. On 12th May a drawing and painting competition was organised on the theme “Migratory Birds in Changing Climate”, on 13th May a symposium on “Climate Change Impact on Migratory Birds” took place. In addition to those activities a poster specially produced for that event was released on that weekend.


In Greece, WMBD 2007 volunteers worked with a radio station called Rodon FM. On the 13th May a live radio show on the topic of “World Migratory Bird Day” was broadcasted in English. In addition short radio pieces were played during commercial breaks to promote WMBD and to reach as many people as possible.


BeninThe NGO Eco-Ecolo in Contonou conducted educational activities in the wetlands for pupils from nearby schools. In addition to talks and discussions on the topic “Migratory Birds in a Changing Climate” for children, a symbolic planting of trees took place.


The birders of Edmonds, Washington celebrated the WMBD at the Puget Sound Bird Fest. This entertaining festival offered a wide range of different activities such as observing birds from buses and boats, workshops for children and the unique possibility to view over 200 species of birds that live around Edmonds!

Have these activities fired your imagination? Then help to make WMBD 2008 a special day around the world with lots of fun and celebration! Let the birds inspire your imagination to take flight and help you create your own WMBD 2008 event! Join us and register your activity now!


For more ideas for your own WMBD 2008 activity browse through the other globally registered WMBD events of 2006 and 2007 !