“BARRIERS TO MIGRATION” – The theme for World Migratory Bird Day 2009! PDF Print E-mail

Photo: Nicky Petkov (www.wildlifephotos.eu) Bird migration; usually people automatically connect it with lightness, freedom, and with a kind of mystery and magic. But the reality birds are facing on their long journeys most of the time is anything but easy.

The sad truth is that next to the natural obstacles and unfavourable weather birds are already facing, they are increasingly confronted with man-made barriers during migration. Rotating wind turbines, crossing power lines, skyscraping radio, TV and cell phone transmission masts, reflecting plate glass windows, tall buildings and other constructions are killing or displacing large numbers of birds along their flyways every year.

World Migratory Bird Day 2009 will focus on these man-made obstacles to bird migration in order to raise awareness of the difficult and often underestimated situation faced by migratory birds on their travels. Solutions do exist, and have to be utilised to avoid the negative effects man-made structures have on bird populations and their migration.p>

“Barriers to migration” will be the theme of WMBD 2009 and we invite all national authorities, NGOs, clubs and societies, universities, schools and individuals worldwide to highlight WMBD 2009 by organizing awareness-raising programs, festivals or other related events on this year's topic during the weekend of 9 -10 May 2009.

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