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The World's Rarest Birds Photo Competition

The World’s Rarest Birds – Photo Competition 

Sociable Lapwing / Photo © Sergey Dereliev (UNEP/AEWA)WMBD is encouraging people to participate in this year’s World’s Rarest Birds Photo Competition covering the world’s 623 most threatened birds. The photo competition is part of the The World’s Rarest project that began in 2010 – the International Year of Biodiversity. It is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to highlight the plight of the most threatened species on Earth and to raise funds to support international conservation efforts. 

The World’s Rarest Birds Photo Competition covers the 362 species categorized as Endangered and 65 that are Data Deficient, as well as the 192 Critically Endangered species and the four species that are Extinct in the Wild. 

Some of the photos submitted to the international photo competition will be featured in a landmark publication – The World’s Rarest Birds – which will be produced by WILDGuides and help fundraise for BirdLife International’s Preventing Extinctions Programme.  

Contributors to the photo competition, whose images are published will receive a free copy of the book and also have a chance of winning a number of other attractive prizes. In support of World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2010, the World’s Rarest has also extended the Photo Competition to include a new prize for the best photo of one of the 31 Critically Endangered Birds that are migratory.

Entry to the competition is free, and anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit their images. 

The closing date for the submission of photos is 31 August 2010



The World’s Rarest Birds – Photo Competition