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Threats to migratory birds
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  Link   Critically Endangered Birds - A Global Audit
This is a report, which gives an overview about different threats to birds and what we can do to protect them.
  Link   AIWEb - Avian Influenza, Wildlife and the Environment Web
AIWEb is the information dissemination centre of the “Scientific Task Force on Avian Influenza and Wild Birds” on the Internet. It provides a public platform for information exchange and communication on current and emerging topics relating to Avian
  Link   Fatal Light Awareness Program
This program aims to safeguard migratory birds in the urban environment. The website provides information about urban threats to birds and proposes solutions.
  Link   American Bird Conservancy
This website gives information about mortality threats to birds and facts about bird conservancy.
  Link   Migratory Bird Mortality – Many Human-Caused Threats Afflict our Bird Populations
This paper is about man-made threats to birds and what we can do to reduce those threats.
  Link   BirdLife International – Europe’s seabirds die due to fishing industry
This article is about the threat of fisheries by-catch to seabirds and BirdLife’s plan to stop the mass mortality.
  Link   BirdLife International – Impact of invading aliens species
This is an article about the threatening effects of invasive alien species.
  Link   Flying is no escape: Migratory birds and climate change
This article is about the implications of climate change on Siberian Cranes and other Critically Endangered migratory birds.
  Link   Journey North – Lights at Night Mean Trouble for Birds
This website provides information about how night-migrating birds become disoriented by city lights.