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World Migratory Bird Day 2011

Florian Keil – Coordination & Creative Direction 


WMBD 2011 Website

Johannes Schramm – Web Developer & PHP Programmer (Author of the WMBD Registration System)
Dunia Sforzin & Marie-Therese Kämper – Webmaster(s)

Text/Content Team

Sean Wright 
Dunia Sforzin 

Editorial Team

Robert Vaag
Jolanta Kremer  

Translation Team

Spanish: Francisco Rilla Manta, Laura Aguado
French: Simone Irsfeld, Catherine Lehmann 
Swahili: Titus Ndunda, Peter Moss, Reporter, Kenya Television Network (KTN), Nairobi 
German: Dunia Sforzin, Birgit Drerup 
Italian: Mohamed Omar, Laura Cerasi 
Portuguese: Ana da Silva 


WMBD 2011 Poster

Poster design: Uwe Vaartjes

Arabic translation: Dr. Darem Tabbaa 


WMBD 2011 Trailer

Director: Christian Fischer
Composer: Max Würden
Speaker: Tom Zahner

With creative direction & advice from the WMBD Team!

Original Footage:

  • Mush & Tinbergen
  • Quite Bright Films
  • Sergey Panayotov
  • Animation "Earth from space" ©iStockphoto.com/tetsoo


    WMBD Social Media (Twitter / Facebook)

     Sean Wright


    Photo Credits

    We would like to thank and acknowledge the following individuals and organisations for their photo contributions:


    WMBD website

    Amir Baldissera, Sergey Dereliev, Arunkumar Kannan, David van Keulen, Magnus von Koeller, Ton Koene/Lineair/Still Pictures, Catherine Lehmann, Michael McDonough, Jussi Mononen, Nigel Mushet, Nhu Nguyen, James Page, Jerome Spaggiari, Neil Zoglauer/ BurrumHeads/ Queensland/ Australia



    The WMBD web team would also like to collectively thank the global Joomla! development community for their work on an open source content management system that works! Thank you for providing us with the ICT tools & infrastructure to help us reach out to the world!