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Statement by Mr. Gabriel Schwaderer on World Migratory Bird Day 2019

Gabriel Schwaderer - EuroNAtur

Mr. Gabriel Schwaderer
Executive Director,
EuroNatur Foundation


EuroNatur has been fighting for the protection of migratory birds since the foundation was established. The destruction of valuable wetlands poses a considerable threat to populations, as does illegal hunting, which means massive bleeding of migratory birds. Together with our partners, we are working on solutions to solve these problems. The global flood of plastic has posed another major threat to migratory birds. Many birds, especially sea birds, get mortally entangled in so-called ghost nets or starve to death because their stomach contents consist almost exclusively of plastic. We not only need alternatives to plastic products, but above all we all urgently need to reduce our plastics consumption. In addition, the Balkan states – it’s the geographical focus of our work – need a functioning waste disposal system. Throwing garbage into the countryside, from where it ends up in the sea after some time, is a threat not only to birds but, in the end, to people.

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