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Statement by Ms. Joyce Msuya on World Migratory Bird Day 2019

Joyce Msuya - UN Environment
Ms. Joyce Msuya, 
Deputy Executive Director,
UN Environment Programme

The more migratory birds, the healthier are our ecosystems, our forests, and our marine resources. This delicate but critical ecological balance is under threat on so many fronts and in recent years, plastic pollution has emerged as a key challenge threatening the health of migratory birds.  One-third of global plastic production is non-recyclable and at least eight million tons of plastic flows unabated into our oceans and water bodies each year. It is ending up in the stomachs of birds, fish, plankton, and in our soil and water. The world is choking on plastic and so too are our birds on which so much life on Earth depends. Last year, UN Environment, governments and millions of citizens came together in an unprecedented global call to beat plastic pollution. I am pleased that World Migratory Bird Day  keeps the pressure on this year, with a spotlight on the threat of plastic pollution on birds. It is time to change the way we live, consume and what we value because in protecting the planet’s rich biodiversity, we protect its people.

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