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Instagram Campaign 2020

Time to get your bird pictures out for the #BirdsConnectUs Instagram Campaign!

Birds are incredible! They are everywhere – in national parks, along seashores and lakes and rivers, but also in  farmlands, along highways, and in the middle of major cities! They are global ambassadors, reminding us of our own connection to the planet, the environment, wildlife and each other.

The global lockdown and the continuing social distancing measures, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, have led to a new sense of global awareness and appreciation for conserving and restoring the natural world. People across the planet have begun to see and hear the birds again. This re-discovery of birds in the environment around us is a phenomenon worth celebrating and taking action to help them on their way wherever they are! In the spirit of this year's World Migratory Bird Day theme: "Birds Connect Our World", focused on the importance of conserving and restoring the ecological connectivity and integrity of ecosystems, we would like you to help share your own experiences and show how migratory birds connect the world. 

Raise Awareness and Take Action by Sharing Your Best Bird Photos & Moments in Nature!

Photos: © Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

Are You #Connected? - Show It!

Take an active step and express the globally connected world of birds in their natural environments!  Show how birds connect not only you to nature, but also to the entire world!

In 2020, as we have reawakened to the sound of birds, have you spotted a migratory bird this year? What is the best picture that you’ve taken? Please share your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #BirdsConnectUs! If you can - please add the species name and the location of where it was seen!


Take an active step to express your own 're-connection' to birds in their natural environments and their connection to the natural world.



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