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World Migratory Bird Day 2021 Posters 


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Blank Poster Template for your own customization:
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The WMBD 2021 poster is also available in several other (Asian) languages, which can be downloaded from the EAAFP website

Poster Adobe InDesign files can be received upon request.

World Migratory Bird Day Trailers 

2017 World Migratory Bird Day Trailer - "Their Future is Our Future"
2016 World Migratory Bird Day Trailer - "Stop the illegal killing, taking and trade of migratory birds"
2015 World Migratory Bird Day Trailer - "Energy Make It Bird Friendly!"
World Migratory Bird Day - "How it all began" Trailer


World Migratory Bird Day Logo

Download the WMBD Logo as: 

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CMS Logo

Download the CMS Logo as: 

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Download the AEWA Logo as: 

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Please note: The World Migratory Bird Day logo and poster can be downloaded here in various formats. We strongly encourage you to incorporate these in your WMBD messages, activities and information materials. They can be used free of charge and have been produced for the sole purpose of spreading the news about WMBD!

World Migratory Bird Day Event Photos

World Migratory Bird Day Event Photos can be viewed on the WMBD Flickr account. Share your event photos, event reports and local WMBD news articles with the global WMBD community! Learn how to instantly upload them here.

Royalty Free Photos

White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) 
© Sergey Dereliev (UNEP/AEWA) [website]
Download the picture as: JPG [146 kB]

Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor)  
© Mark Anderson 
Download the picture as: JPG [146 kB]

Migratory Birds in Flight - Common Cranes © Jussi Mononen Migratory Birds in Flight - Common Cranes © Jussi Mononen  
Download the picture as:  JPG [146 kB]

Spoon-billed Sandpiper  
© Smith Sutibut 
Download the picture as: JPG [419 kB]

Intensive Agriculture © Neil ZoglauerMigratory Birds and Culture: Bird Watchers  
© Andy Hay 
Download the picture as: JPG [526 kB]

flickrdotbairdphotosdotcom_ecotourism_220x156Migratory Birds and Ecotourism 
© Mike Baird [flickr] 
Download the picture as: JPG [370 kB]

World Migratory Bird Day in New Caledonia © Jerome SpaggiariNew Caledonia 
© Jerome Spaggiari 
Download the picture as: JPG [419 kB]

© Sergey Dereliev (UNEP/AEWA) 
Download the picture as: JPG [419 kB] 

WMBD 2010 event in Leh, Ladakh, India © WWFWMBD 2010 event in Leh, Ladakh, India 
© WWF 
Download the picture as: JPG [170 kB]

WMBD 2009 event in Gabes, Tunisia © Claudia Feltrup-Azafzaf/AAOWMBD 2009 event in Gabes, Tunisia 
© Naoufel Hammouda/AAO 
Download the picture as: JPG [409 kB] 

WMBD 2009 event in Banda Aceh, Indonesia @ Ricko JayaWMBD 2011 event in Bangladesh 
@ Dhaka Sourav
Download the picture as: JPG [162 kB]

First World Migratory Bird Day in Kenya, 2006 © Catherine LehmannFirst WMBD in Kenya, 2006 
© Catherine Lehmann 
Download the picture as: JPG [402 kB]

Note to the photos: Because we want to be 100% certain that the photos we offer on this page are royalty free, we chose to offer the ones above. However, if you would like to donate your pictures for use in the context of future WMBD campaigns please contact us.

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