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Statement by Dr Marco Lambertini on World Migratory Bird Day 2021

Dr Marco Lambertini
Director General 
WWF International 


Bird migration is one of nature’s greatest wonders.  Migratory birds know no boundaries; they cross political borders, large stretches of the ocean, entire deserts - and they depend on various ecosystems, where they stop to breed, rest and stay for the winter - they symbolise one interconnected living planet and they are also excellent indicators of the health of the global ecosystem. 

In the last 50 years wildlife populations have declined by an average of 68%. We must address the drivers of this precipitous biodiversity loss and build a nature-positive world by 2030 - a world where there is more nature than there is now. More forests than today, more fish in the ocean and rivers, more pollinators in our farmlands, more migratory birds in our skies, wetlands and woodlands. In order to do this we need to protect more of the natural spaces and key biodiversity areas remaining in the world, restore as much as possible of what we have degraded, and address systemically the key economic drivers of nature loss. Top of the list are agriculture, fishing, forestry, energy and infrastructures, reducing the footprint of our production and consumption systems and redirecting financial flows and incentives. We need a nature-positive transition of our economy and society in a way that is fair, just and equitable for all.   


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