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World Migratory Bird Day - CALABRIA

The GLC (Local Conservation Group) of the LIPU (Italian Bird Protection League) of Sila (Calabrian - Southern Italy), led by the ornithologist Gianluca Congi, organizes an ornithological trip to the "Marchesato-Fiume Neto" SPA in search of rare migratory birds. During the day 16 migrating black storks were observed !!!


WORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY 2022 CAMPAIGN by GREEN CARE SOCIETY INDIA on IMPACTS OF LIGHT POLLUTION FOR BIRDS from 08 - 22 October 2022 through online and offline conferences, webinars, competitions, awerness and awards. Dr. VISHWANATH PANIGRAHI, Founder & President, Green Care Society India. Mr. AMUJURI BISWANATH, Director & COO, Green Care Society India.

BlueBirdsBR in World Migratory Bird Day

Saída de campo para levantamento e monitoramento de aves migratórias em Saquarema. 

'Birds Connect Our World'

World Migratory Bird Day is observed twice in a year i.e. on 14th May and 8th October. For this year, the
theme of the day is set to be ‘Light Pollution’. United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) notes,
“Artificial light is increasing globally by at least 2 per cent per year and it is known to adversely affect
many bird species. Light pollution is a significant threat to migratory birds, causing disorientation when
they fly at night, leading to collisions with buildings, perturbing their internal clocks, or interfering with

Campamento "Noches oscuras, Migraciones seguras"

A camp will be held in a coastal community in the Municipality of San Ignacio, Sinaloa. There will be a talk about the importance of dark nights for the migration of birds, a night tour will be carried out to search for birds and recording sounds which will be used in a small workshop to make musical tracks with sounds of nature. 

Prenuptial migration in the South of France

Birdwatching walk to the top of the Mont Macaron, then bird camp. We hope to see Honey Buzzards and European Bee Eaters migrating back from Africa.

Spring migration monitoring camp and training in the identification of migratory birds in the Key Biodiversity Area of Ghar El M

This camp is for the future field observers and ornithological guides: Representatives of the advisory committee of the municipality of Ghar El Melh and students.

The program includes:

*a hike to the observation points of migratory birds.

*a guided tour of Jbel Nadhour to discover the biodiversity of the mountain and its landscapes

*monitoring the migration of birds and training of young participants


World Migratory Bird Day

Wildlife Science and Conservation Center is a leading nature conservation and research organization in Mongolia, and we always considered the World Migratory Bird Day as an important annual event for our public engagement and education. We regularly celebrated the WMBD with the support from EAAFP and other partners. In 2022, we are planning to host WMBD events at two bird ringing stations located eastern and eastern Mongolia. These ringing stations are run by WSCC and dedicated to the songbird migration monitoring and public awareness for Mongolia.

Young Generation for Migratory Bird Conservation Challenges

On April 1, the NGO ECO-CARE launched a contest with 17 questions about birds. Students can pick up the form from their teacher, fill in the answers, and bring them back to the same teacher. On April 20, we will collect the forms for correction by school. A transparent draw will be held in each school to select the top 5 students. After the draw, the top 5 students will simulate a training on the answers and a mixed team (NGO ECO-CARE and teachers of the school) will now select the top 2 students and those who explain better.

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration

Our day will be spent celebrating birds and educating the public about the dangers that birds face every day but especially during their long migrations. We will have tables with education, native plants, eco friendly crafts and ambassador raptors in attendance to help spread our messages for birds. Our day will finish with a flying falcons demonstration. 


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