Bird Camp

Brasso Seco Bird Harvest

Join the Trinidad and Tobago Bird Observatory and Research Centre as we dive into the heart of ecological harmony at this year's Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival (CEBF) with our theme: "Protect Insects, Protect Birds." In synergy with World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD). We're aligning our voices to spotlight the critical relationship between insects and birds, highlighting the importance of insects in our ecosystem and why they are vital for soil health through our 2024 save soil campaign in line with our Rainforest Habitat Protection model. 

Second Edition: Costa Rica Sky Adventures Bird counting

Costa Rica Sky Adventures is a theme park located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, a place recognized nationally and internationally, whose geographical location, along with its tropical rainforest and many other features, make it a paradise for ornithology in Costa Rica. Here, specialized guides will help you observe birds that are not easy to find in other parts of the country.

Migratory Birds awarness campaign by Exploring Womanhood Foundation

We Exploring Womanhood Foundation, India will spread the awarness through our social media handle. Will talk with people around us also make aware to childerns and youth

Celebration of World Migratory Bird Day

Members of FALCON (Fraternity for Avian Life Conservation) shall organise a Bird Camp at Kitam Bird Sanctuary and count the birds and upload the checklist in e-bird

Bird count at Tram Chim national park

Tram Chim national park is the only one flyway network site of Vietnam. We organise waterbirds count at Tram Chim national park from April 9 to May 13 by volunteers and taking children to the field for birdwatch training. We will help them learn how to use binoculars, telescoope as well as how to identify bird, count and making records on eBird.



World Migratory Bird Day - CALABRIA

The GLC (Local Conservation Group) of the LIPU (Italian Bird Protection League) of Sila (Calabrian - Southern Italy), led by the ornithologist Gianluca Congi, organizes an ornithological trip to the "Marchesato-Fiume Neto" SPA in search of rare migratory birds. During the day 16 migrating black storks were observed !!!


WORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY 2022 CAMPAIGN by GREEN CARE SOCIETY INDIA on IMPACTS OF LIGHT POLLUTION FOR BIRDS from 08 - 22 October 2022 through online and offline conferences, webinars, competitions, awerness and awards. Dr. VISHWANATH PANIGRAHI, Founder & President, Green Care Society India. Mr. AMUJURI BISWANATH, Director & COO, Green Care Society India.

BlueBirdsBR in World Migratory Bird Day

Saída de campo para levantamento e monitoramento de aves migratórias em Saquarema. 

'Birds Connect Our World'

World Migratory Bird Day is observed twice in a year i.e. on 14th May and 8th October. For this year, the
theme of the day is set to be ‘Light Pollution’. United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) notes,
“Artificial light is increasing globally by at least 2 per cent per year and it is known to adversely affect
many bird species. Light pollution is a significant threat to migratory birds, causing disorientation when
they fly at night, leading to collisions with buildings, perturbing their internal clocks, or interfering with

Campamento "Noches oscuras, Migraciones seguras"

A camp will be held in a coastal community in the Municipality of San Ignacio, Sinaloa. There will be a talk about the importance of dark nights for the migration of birds, a night tour will be carried out to search for birds and recording sounds which will be used in a small workshop to make musical tracks with sounds of nature. 


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