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Educational Activity

Migratory birds fly through the Gobi Desert

During the bird migration period, number of birds fly through the wide dry landscape. There are very few places where birds can land and rest at them during their harsh and long journeys. Protecting those important places is essential for conservation of migratory birds. Raising awareness and knowledge of local people, especially children, is very important in the country.

Taller de Observación de Aves

Taller de observación de aves migratorias y residentes que contará con una sección teórica en la cual se explicará qué son las aves migratorias y cuál es su importancia, dando énfasis en la conservación de las mismas. También se realizará una parte práctica que consiste en una salida a terreno a los humedales de Caulín y Putemún, facilitando a los asistentes los materiales de observación: Checklist, binoculares y telescopios

Birds Without Borders

About 160 species of birds seen in Bolivia are migratory and every year thousands of birds arrive in their southern or northern travel. Because Bolivia is a key stop for many species of migratory birds, the National Museum of Natural History will open the exhibition "Birds Without Borders" on the occasion of the “World Migratory Bird Day” and the “Long Night of Museums”.

Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias-Formando Guías.

- Curso-Taller de Educación Ambiental en escuelas primarias.
- Salidas de campo para identificación de aves.
- Concurso de dibujo infantil de aves.
- Selección de prospectos para guías en observación de aves.
- Presentación del Libro Colibríes de México y Norteamérica.

Educational and Bird Bird Watching Trip Event

People invited from different environmental institutions will attend the educational and bird watching trip which will be taking place at Lake Abijata on 10and 11 May 2014 and education about the challenges facing migratory birds and their significance in promoting sustainable tourism will be addressed and thye bird watching activities will be conducted.

Enjoy Birding

Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden is a birding hotspot with more than 220 bird species records as well as a well-known attraction in China. Each year, we have birding festival since 2010 as well as a varies of bird education activities for the local communities. We are happy to join WMBD to celebrate birds and improve awareness of bird conservation and education.

World Migratory Bird Day

we have Join for World Migratory Bird Day and registering your WMBD activity 2014, HMB and Biology Unsri Wildlife Photography will conducted event educational activity with students of biology
by Ecotourism study and bird watching at 10-11 may 2014 In swamp Tanjung Putus Campus Unsri, Indralaya and wetlands area, Ogan ILir, South Sumatra

Dojran - one big hotel for birds and people

The Macedonian Ecological Society will be working with high school students from all across Macedonia. We will take a tour around Dojran, specifically the Dojran Lake. The students will be able to bird-watch and study the birds found there,as well as hear about the importance of the migrant species. We will then go to our resting place, the square. A debate will be held, in which the students will have to point out the good and bad aspects of tourism and express their thoughts on the matter. A game will follow, in which the students will have to show their knowledge and creativity.

Migratory Bird and tourism quiz

We will be hosting a quiz with a local establishment with four rounds of questions - identification of common birds in the area from photographs, common bird calls, bird pictionary and the final round contains questions/photographs of local places / people who have been instrumental in the development of birding and tourism in the area.


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