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Protection of migratory birds habitat at Tengkuyung Beach, Sungai Nibung Village, Kubu Raya Regency Event

1. Stadium Generale is a seminar venue with 50 participants. Present as speakers were the Minister of Environment and Forestry, the Governor of West Kalimantan, the Regent of Kubu Raya, Stake Holders, academics, non-governmental organizations.
2. Regular events consist of Opening Ceremony, Seminar, Welcoming Party, Outbound, Birdwatching, Fieldtrip, Closing Ceremony.
3. Social Action is the activity of planting trees, cleaning the village, campaigning for wildlife conservation.

Bird ringing

Another social activity for considering social distancing in coronavirus time and because of the focus on tools that show us birds’ flyways in this year, the Avayeboom Society has made a video clip about what bird ringing is, how it works and showed its bird ringing activities to make people aware of the importance of bird banding.

First there were feathers...

'First there were feathers...' is a music project by Wendy McNeill that explores our connection to birds.

Drawing from scientific studies, literature, myth, and personal experience, McNeill explores these fascinating descendants of dinosaurs and how their fate is linked to our own.

This event will premiere a short video which introduces the first scene of the project. It also includes a written introduction on the wonder of Migration by Dave Warrington from Valencia Birding.   https://valenciabirding.com/

Children's Summer Camp May 2019 commemorating WMBD 2019

Children's Summer Camp May 2019 commemorating WMBD 2019 Educational and Entertainment activities, Awareness on Plastic Pollution, Migratory birds, Nature and Environmental conservation and protection. For Children and their parents. ORGANISED BY : DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK OSMANIA UNIVERSITY, HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA. IN ASSOCIATION WITH SRI HOLISTIC HEALTH FOUNDATION INDIA & ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTING SOCIAL ACTION (APSA), HYDERABAD COMMEMORATING : WORLD MIGRATORY BIRD DAY - 11 MAY (SECOND SATURDAY OF MAY) “ WMBD 2019 THEME : PROTECT BIRDS : BE THE SOLUTION TO PLASTIC POLLUTION ! ” On 2nd WEEK OF MAY 2019 At ANGANWADI CENTRE, MAISAMMA BANDA, HYDERABAD, INDIA. For more information: CSCM 2019 & WMBD 2019 Coordinator: +91 970 550 3767, [email protected] , https://sites.google.com/view/dosw/ Participation certificates will be provided to the participants. Free Registration. Children's and Parents are invited.

World Migratory Bird Day at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Newport, Ore. – On Saturday, May 11, the BLM’s Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area will celebrate World Migratory Bird Day by offering free entry and educational activities including guided nature hikes, available in both Spanish and English. These events demonstrate BLM’s commitment to serving the American family by being good neighbors and providing recreational opportunities.  


Guided Walks

• Birding Basics presentation - 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., meet at Yaquina Head Interpretive Center.

Documentary and Discussion

Join us Saturday, 5/11 at 2 pm for a viewing of The Messenger.  Discussion to follow about what you can do to reduce threats to songbirds.

Voorhees Art Center & Gallery

Voorhees Town Center

Voorhees, NJ


Presented by Sustainable Gibbsboro & Sustainable Voorhees

PAU Tapachula

Desarrollo de talleres con distintos contenidos que se centran en el conocimiento de las aves.

World Migratory Bird Day Festival by Sacajawea Audubon Society

Bozeman's 2nd annual WMBD Festival, presented by Sacajawea Audubon Society! On Friday, May 10th at 7pm at the Ellen Theater we are featuring the Bozeman premiere of Epic Yellowstone: Life on the Wing from Grizzly Creek Films and the Smithsonian Channel with a panel discussion and Q&A with the Bozeman based filmmakers. Then on Saturday, May 11th from 10am-1pm we will host a festival of family activities at the Bozeman Public Library. We will have games, crafts, and live birds!

World Migratory Bird Day

The event is celebrated every year in resorts and schools. This year, it includes presentations on migratory birds and fun games related to birds along with an awareness talk. The last actvity of the event would be a beach cleanup and waste sorting with the participants being offered refreshments and group pictures.

Birdwatcher kids school of nature in bushehr

Members of chakavak club (a birdwatching club in bushehr) with kids nature of school (goojik) went to nature and told to children about the birds.



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