Talks for prevention of fires and avitourism in the Suchitoto Municipality

We are going to participate in talks for prevention of fires, sharing information about Avitourism, and participating in the activities of World Migratory Bird Day to spread the word about the importance of birds in their communities and the roles some of them play. The talks are organized by the municipality of Suchitoto and the local NGO ISCOS.

There would be two of us as members of local group named Birding in Suchitoto. Our focus is spreading the word about bird conservation through Avitourism and ecotourism in general. There are going to be people from at least 3 communities, namely from El Caulote, Milingo and Estanzuelas all in the the Suchitoto municipality.

Comunidad Milingo
Suchitoto 13° 54' 57.0744" N, 89° 2' 3.9984" W
Start date: 
Thursday, April 7, 2022 - 15:00
End date: 
Thursday, April 7, 2022 - 18:00
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