Campaign Strategy on Light Pollution

WMBD 2022 Campaign Strategy 
on the impacts of light pollution

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Light Pollution #WMBD2022

Albatrosses © Michelle Risi

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Birds can be found everywhere: in cities and in the countryside; in parks and backyards, in forests and mountains, and in wetlands and along the shores. They connect all these habitats and they connect us, reminding us of our own connection to the planet, the environment, wildlife and each other.

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MEDIA ADVISORY: World Migratory Bird Day 2020 - October

On Saturday, 10 October 2020, people around the world will celebrate World Migratory Bird Day – a global campaign dedicated to raising awareness of migratory birds and the need for international cooperation to conserve them.

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The Asian Flyways Initiative

Bird and nature lovers from all over the world flock to Asian wetlands to appreciate migratory bird species such as curlews, knots, sandpipers and ducks through activities such as bird watching. Millions of birds travel distances as great as 13,000km from the Arctic to wintering grounds as far south as New Zealand, and they require ‘stepping-stone’ sites to rest and feed along on the way. Flyways are systems of global importance for the conservation of bird species and their habitats.

Northern Pintails ©USFWS

New Flyer for WMBD 2020!

Have a look at the new WMBD Flyer ahead of the upcoming second peak day for World Migratory Bird Day on 10 October! Find out more about this year’s theme of connectivity, the threats that migratory birds face, and how we can all participate in this global celebration of migratory birds! The new colourful and informative flyer is available in:

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Instagram Campaign Highlights WMBD Flagship Species

Have a look at these visual and informative Instagram posts designed to celebrate and raise awareness for our feathered friends! The Instagram cards are featuring the twelve focal species of the 2020 WMBD campaign and include some interesting facts on each. Which species will be displaying? Which one is next? Stayed turned and follow the WMBD Instagram account!

American Kestrel © Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

New Bird Quiz Takes Flight!

The WMBD Team has prepared a new online quiz about some spectacular soaring species! The quiz focuses on the twelve focal species of the 2020 World Migratory Bird Day campaign (those featured on the poster!). Test your knowledge and learn more about these amazing birds! If you need a few hints, check out the CMS and AEWA websites as well as the EFTA WMBD 2020 Species Fact Sheets. The quiz is available here in:

EnglishFrench and Spanish.