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World Migratory Bird Day and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

"Birds Connect Our World" WMBD 2020 Poster

Bonn, 27 March 2020 – the second Saturday of May is approaching fast and no doubt plans for some World Migratory Bird Day events are already well advanced in different countries around the world.  Unfortunately, activities planned for May will almost certainly need to be postponed or modified due to the still developing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis affecting the entire world. 

Obviously, human health and well-being are of the utmost importance, and our recommendation is that no WMBD events should take place in contravention of any emergency restrictions that have been introduced by the World Health Organization (WHO) or the authorities in affected countries.

These unusual and stressful times require patience and forbearance and can be made more tolerable with a little innovation and inventiveness. 

While public gatherings (even in small groups) will be impossible in most localities for the foreseeable future, there are alternatives that you could consider:

  • Reschedule your event – remember that WMBD now takes place on two “peak-days” each year and your planned activities could simply be moved to the second Saturday peak day celebration in October 2020; or hold the event as soon as restrictions on public meetings are lifted.
  • Organize an event online; for instance:
  • Hone your community birdwatching skills from your window, garden or balconies.
  • Create book clubs or online reading sessions for children with stories where the main characters are our beloved birds.
  • Host online craft lessons (origami, painting, get creative!) that allow people to learn about birds and to bring them home.

Reach out for the bird specialists in your country and host virtual conferences to expand on the subject of ecosystems connectivity and its importance for birds.
Organize a virtual meeting and/or create a video for social media highlighting the importance of protecting migratory birds.

Please remember to register your event on the WMBD website, where you will also find updates on the 2020 campaign.  As this theme highlights, birds still connect the planet and can still bring people together (virtually if not physically), despite the Coronavirus!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have or visit the WMBD website: