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Anna Rose: The Featured Artist for WMBD 2024

Meet Anna Rose, the Featured Artist for World Migratory Bird Day 2024

We are delighted to introduce Anna Rose, a talented artist from Columbus, Ohio, as this year's featured artist for World Migratory Bird Day 2024. Anna's practice perfectly aligns with our campaign's focus on insects, adding a unique and personal touch to our events and educational outreach.

A Fusion of Art and Science

Anna is a dedicated artist with a deep connection to wildlife. Her talent has been recognized with the Susan K. Black Foundation Scholarship three times. 

Anna pursued graduate studies at Ohio State University, where her research centered on the nesting ecology of warblers and thrushes, integrating her enthusiasm for both art and science.

Anna has an impressive list of accolades, from winning scholarships to being named Student Artist of the Year by the American Birding Association. She has also designed logos for the Ohio Bluebird Society and won first place in the Junior Duck Stamp Contest by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Anna's art goes beyond the canvas, blending with her dedication to science and conservation. Whether she's painting or monitoring bird species, Anna's love for art and wildlife shines through.

Art in Flight - Insects

As our featured artist, Anna Rose will use her talents to illustrate materials for World Migratory Bird Day 2024. Using various mediums, her creations will serve as educational tools for our theme of insects and how they impact the lives of migratory birds and the need for a balanced ecosystem.

Stay Connected

Over the coming months, stay tuned to our newsletters for exclusive sneak peeks of our upcoming WMBD 2024 announcements. This campaign urges us all to take action and protect migratory birds and their insect counterparts for the sake of our planet.

Let's celebrate migrations and the amazing wonders of wildlife that go beyond our borders. Join us in learning, reflecting, and taking action to make a difference for the incredible migratory birds that grace our skies and the insects they depend on.

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