Energy – make it bird-friendly!

The theme for this year. Find out how migratory birds are affected by energy developments.

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Which birds are said to bury their heads in the sand (but they don’t!)? Hint: the solution begins with an O. Give your answer in the comments and test your knowledge on 26 challenging questions whose answer always is a bird. @BirdLife International @British Trust for Ornithology @UNEP Good luck and have fun! #WorldMigratoryBirdDay


Announcement: We are extending the deadline for the first film contest in the history of #WorldMigratoryBirdDay. The last day for submitting the video link is Monday, May 18th 2015 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT+1:00). You have the chance to produce the official film! Unleash your creativity and make a video of up to 3 minutes’ duration. There’s a prize pool of €3,000 to be won. Don’t limit your imagination – go wild and submit your entry now! See all details at:


Dear World Migratory Bird Day Event Organizer, Thank you very much for your participation in this year's World Migratory Bird Day! We hope that everyone enjoyed their events during the course of the weekend. Once more, hundreds of different activities all around the world helped to make the campaign a success and to raise awareness about this year’s theme #Energy – make it #birdfriendly! Please let us know how you celebrated #WorldMigratoryBirdDay! Send us your event reports via Email to and feel free to share your wonderful photos, drawings or any other inspiring materials from your events! They can be easily uploaded to the WMBD Flickr Account by using our Flickr Email Uploader . If you haven’t registered yet, or if your event will take place later this year don’t forget to register it:


The WMBD event organizer “have contributed immensely to bringing to the attention of the public the cultural, social, economic and environmental role played by birds”, says Dr. Bradnee Chambers, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Migratory Species (UNEP-CMS)in his video statement for #WorldMigratoryBirdDay 2015. Watch the full statement to learn more about the successful history of World Migratory Bird Day. Read all statements here: @UNEP @BirdLife International


@UNEP #Press Release for #WorldMigratoryBirdDay : "Energy - make it bird-friendly!" - UN Says @BradneeChambers @UN


Today marks the 10th time World Migratory Bird Day has been celebrated! Across this weekend, hundreds of events will take place all around the globe to celebrate migratory birds and highlight the need for their conservation. Join us and others around the world in this global awareness raising event! Find out more by visiting and join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #WorldMigratoryBirdDay and #birdfriendly #energy!