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#WorldMigratoryBirdDay was born in 2006! See this video about #WMBD's origins: #TheirFutureOurFuture #WMBD2017


Griffon Vultures are crucial #migratorybirds of the Serengeti food chain because they clean carcasses. Sadly, they are endandered due to widespread poisoning: #WMBD2017 #TheirFutureOurFuture


Bernie Krause, a soundscape ecologist, shows us how ecosystems are under threat. Ever wondered what extinction sounds like? #TheirFutureOurFuture #WMBD2017 Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals


The Bald Eagle, a CMS Appendix II species, is recovering, but is still heavily threatened by habitat loss. #WMBD2017 #TheirFutureOurFuture


Last year, the CMS African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Action Plan (AEMLAP) initiated research on interactions between #migratorybirds and human interests along their flyway. We must continue to take into account the #sustainabledevelopmentgoals #TheirFutureOurFuture #WMBD2017


City lights and transparent glass can disorient and kill migratory birds. #TheirFutureOurFuture #WMBD2017