Energy – make it bird-friendly!

The theme for this year. Find out how migratory birds are affected by energy developments.

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Check out the activities in #Israel to mark #WorldMigratoryBirdDay. Be inspired by their #film and take part in our #videocontest. רשות הטבע והגנים


Latest African-Eurasian #Waterbird Census Newsletter by @WetlandsInt Highlights #WorldMigratoryBirdDay


What will you do for #WorldMigratoryBirdDay 2015? Whether it’s gathering people during your event into the shape of a bird, arranging a bird-watching tour or showing a movie to your colleagues – there are many great ways to spread awareness in your community and encourage others to take action to conserve migratory birds.
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On 9-10 May is #WorldMigratoryBirdDay. Already now many Common Cuckoos are on their 3000km+ migration from Western Africa back to Europe where they will spend the summer months. On their way, they will cross the Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea. Some will even cross the Pyrenees or European Alps! A long way for such a little bird. Please “like” this post if you’re as impressed by Cuckoos as we are! Follow the travels of the Cuckoo live through satellite-tracking data from the British Trust for Ornithology @_BTO:


For the first time in World Migratory Bird Day history you now have the chance to produce the official trailer! Unleash your creativity and make a video of up to 3 minutes’ duration. There’s a prize pool of €3000 to be won. Don’t limit your imagination – fly high. See all details at: