Educational Activity

Journée d'observation et de formation sur les oiseaux migrateurs des agriculteurs de Chekfa et les membres de l'association de l'envirnnement d'El Kennar avec le parc National de Taza

C'est une seance du programme de formation des agriculteurs de la commune de Chekfa qui a démarrer le 2 février et auquel se sont associer l'association de la protection de lm'environnement de la commune d'El Kennar solliciter par la commune et l'association elle même pour la préservation des zones humides de Chekfa et El kennar

Jornada de avistamiento de aves en la Isla Santay

Dia de avistamiento de aves en la Isla Santay, 10 mayo 2014. Invitación abierta a todo público.

Birds Are My True Joy !!!

" Happier of happy though I be, like them
I cannot take possession of the sky,
Mount with a thoughtless impulse and wheel there
One of a mighty multitude, whose way
And motion is a harmony and dance
Magnificent.... "
~William Wordsworth

Evento de las Aves Internacionales

A collaborative event with the community members of Santa Maria de los Cocos. The day will be filled with bird related activities, crafts, workshops, and entertainment to celebrate our migratory birds and the military macaw. CONANP's ECOCHAVOS will be leading an entertainment and educational activity.

Dia de las Aves Migratorias

Celebrating the migratory birds with the local community of Puerto Varas. Art workshops for kids, documentaries, lectures and a birdwatching morning in Llanquihue


-Casa Abierta sobre las Rutas de Aviturismo en el Parque Nacional Machalilla y sus alrededores.
- Presentación de danzas, teatro y títeres alusivos a las aves del Parque Nacional Machalilla, Reserva Ayampe y Reserva La Esmeraldas
- Concurso y exposiciones de cuadros hechos con elementos reciclados con la tematica "Mi ave Migratoria Favorita"
Conferencias dictadas por los especialistas Francisco Sornoza y Benito Ben Hasse

Ziua Mondială a Păsărilor Migratoare

Activităţi interactive implicand copii si adulti:
joucri de rol, parada speciilor, curiozităţi din lumea plantelor şi animalelor, recitări, cântece şi ghicitori

Flying is NO Escape


I take this opportunity to introduce BUGHADI FOUNDATION  as a Nonprofit Non Government Organization registered under Section 1 and 20 of Society registration Act 1860 Government of India committed to the welfare of WILD LIFE and other environmental issues in the world.

Stop illegal killing of migratory birds

Students and Staff members at the Unit of Ecology, Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Tripoli University will organize a field trip to one or two wetland sites to celebrate the World Migratory Bird Day. There will be a general talk about the event, importance of birds and wetlands as an important stopover sites for migratory birds. After that, bird-watching (rest of the day).


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