Educational Activity

Bird Watching and Awareness Raising Programme Through Local Community

Bird watching, Annual Census of Migratory Bird, Training on Bird Watching and Data Analysis, SMART Patrolling Training, Education Program, Exhibitions, Ecotourism Management and Ecourtour Guide Training for Local Community.

visita guiada de observación de aves silvestres

visita guiada interpretativa de OBSERVACIÓN DE AVES en la única reserva natural urbana de la ciudad de Mar del Plata, en la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Esta Reserva es el lugar de mayor biodiversidad de toda la ciudad y hasta el momento se han registrado más de 170 especies de aves, más del 15% de las especies registradas para todo el país.

Wetlands as the last shelter for migratory birds

Students from the University of Tripoli, Faculty of Science, Zoology Department, Ecology Unit will arrange a field trip to Mallaha wetland in Tripoli. Some activities will be organized such as; birdwatching and lecture on the importance of wetlands as the last shelter for waterbirds.

Pabellón Puertorriqueño de las Aves

Each year I present in the school library my private collection of birds. Those birds are made by the best artist in Puerto Rico. I use the collection for seminars and exhibitions around the Island. Last year I send to you many pictures of the event. As always is a wonderful presentation that we combined with a walking observation tour. If you check in your files you will see many pictures of the last year. Thanks a lot for being part of the wonderful world. Regards, Adolfo.

Gökotta exkursion

Early morning excursion from the visitor center naturum Tåkern, along the wooden foot-bridge to Svanshals udde. We listen to the bird choir and try to spot different species typical for the meadows and reed of lake Tåkern. Can we hear the cuckoo?

Día Mundial Aves Migratorias 2014: Destino rutas aéreas. Aves migratorias y turismo

Punto de Información.-
Puesto de artesanía ornitológica.-
Talleres infantiles medioambientales.-
Paseos ornitológicos.-
Jornada de charlas y ponencias: Destino rutas aéreas. Aves migratorias y turismo.-

World Migratory Soaring Birds Day

Bird Watching in IBA in Palestine+ a Workshop to relate the MSB with Tourism

Leaving is Living

This local informative event in the Ionain islands of Corfu and Paxoi will present the magical journey of migration and the threats migratory birds face!

We aim to engage the local hunting community in a live discussion regarding the contentious issue of spring killing in Greece and to empower the individuals that wish to publicly defend migratory birds against poachers.
This event is part of the LIFE Information and Communication Project "Safe haven for Wild Birds", which runs a 3-year campaign against illegal killing on the Mediterranean.

Promoting Local Communities Protection to Save Migratory Birds

To celebrate WMBD 2014, Biodiversity Society would like to promote the involvement of local communities in protecting migratory birds from poaching. This celebration is consist of:
1. Migratory Birdwatching
2. Campaign Activity
3. Environment Education

Save Migratory Birds and Habitats

migratory birds are indicators of a healthy environment


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