"la'uf im ma'aof" - Fly with vision

Bird watching, guided observations in hotspots at Eilat Birdwatching Park, birds ringigng, story tellers, family activities, release of rehabilitated birds at the Israeli Wildlife Hospital, media events and more.

Sonadia Island awareness campaign

Large scale awareness raising campaign on Sonadia Island - the second most important wintering site of the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper and many other threatened shorebirds. The campaign will include school visits by ex-hunters, who used to be hunters but now with alternative livelihood support they are protecting shorebirds and participating in various bird conservation activities.

Conservemos el Hábitat de las Aves Migratorias

Spots informativos sobre aves migratorias en medios de comunicación.
Conferencias Académicas.
Salidas de Campo a Observar Aves.
Safari Fotográfico de Aves: Exposición.
Concurso de dibujo infantil sobre aves.
Selección para limpieza y cuidado de tres sitios utilizados como hábitat invernal de aves migratorias.

IDEA birdhouses installation

In connection with World Migratory Bird Day last year we announced Birdhouse design competition. This year we have already prepared the birdhouses and on the occasion of the next World Migratory Bird Day IDEA Campaign will be installing birdhouses in Baku, Moscow, London, Biskek and Vilnius.

World Migratory Birds Festival- Birdlife UNDP/GEF migratory soaring birds project

In this event PWLS will celebrate World Migratory Birds Day in Jericho. Under the project Birdlife UNDP/GEF migratory soaring bird’s project. PWLS will implement a full day festival for farmers and decision makers. This event will include the subjects of Migratory Soaring Birds & Waste Management and Migratory Soaring Birds & Agriculture.
Bird watching and banding, hiking, presenting about the project of Migratory Soaring Birds and an awareness campaign for the targeted audience will be implemented during the Festival.

Networking for Migratory Birds

Art festival for children (4 to 13 years) on the 4th of May. Cycle of lectures (Seminar) on networking for migratory birds on 11th May and free visit to the Ecuasal saltlakes in Salinas, Mar Bravo on the morning of the 12th.

Celebrating the Miracle of Life with Bird Migration

- Discover Anjar’s Eagle Trail - a path along the culture of the Armenian village, Ummayad city and spectacular nature
- Hike or Bike along the water course from the Anjar spring to the Anjar Wetlands
- Support the local foods and crafts at the Traditional Souk
- Visit Tyer Ya Tyer Exhibition at Hima Anjar Visitors Center

Migratory Bird Day in Mongolia

During the World Migratory Bird Day, we will organize a nation wide event with governmental and local organizations. There will be presentations on migratory birds, migration routes, a day birding, bird photographs contest and other public related activities.

Cross Border Corporation during the World Migratory Bird Day, May 2013

Cross border corporation is a recent activity for this celebration this year. As you know NGO "FINCH" has celebrated WMBD since 2009 in the Republic of Kosovo so this time we are planning to organize a bird watching session in a well-known wetland near the town of Kukes in Albania. Together with some of Albanian NGOs, Finch will try to join different organization of two countries in one place.

Skagen Bird Festival

The Skaw Bird Festival is an annual event for birders and others joining on the northern most point of Denmark. The Skaw - or in Danish, Skagen - is one of the most important European migration spots, where migrating birds from the African continent and southern Europa pass on their way to the breeding areas in northern Scandinavia and Murmansk. The Festival highlights the migration, with guided tours, bird watching, art exhibition and lectures about birds of prey.


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