Media Event

Journée d'observation et de formation sur les oiseaux migrateurs des agriculteurs de Chekfa et les membres de l'association de l'envirnnement d'El Kennar avec le parc National de Taza

C'est une seance du programme de formation des agriculteurs de la commune de Chekfa qui a démarrer le 2 février et auquel se sont associer l'association de la protection de lm'environnement de la commune d'El Kennar solliciter par la commune et l'association elle même pour la préservation des zones humides de Chekfa et El kennar

Evento de las Aves Internacionales

A collaborative event with the community members of Santa Maria de los Cocos. The day will be filled with bird related activities, crafts, workshops, and entertainment to celebrate our migratory birds and the military macaw. CONANP's ECOCHAVOS will be leading an entertainment and educational activity.

The premiere of the animation "Kliukwa (Cranberry)"

The documentary animation is about the wighte wagtail named Kliukwa (Cranberry). The premiere of the animation is dedicated to World Migratory Bird Day.



TWCS Birdwatching Event

Will be organising wirdwatching event on wetland near Tunis city, A radio spot and interview about the events and migratory birds, mainly waterbirds related to the wetland conservation issues

World Migratory Bird Day

- Séances d'observations des oiseaux avec les écoliers, instituteurs, SSG et pêcheurs; - Concour de dessin des oiseaux, - Publication d'un article; - Discussions avec les autorités locales sur la gestion des ressources aviaires; - Affichages des baderoles.

World Migratory Bird Day

On May 7, 2014 was celebrated World Migratory Bird Day by organizing educational activities and public awareness. Together with the National College Students Union of Turnu Magurele, Teleorman two actions were carried out environmental education consisting of ornithological observations in the Natura 2000 site ROSPA0024 confluence of the Danube River, and a power point presentation with the debate of 2014, and a press media.

Farewell Shorebirds

BirdLife Australia is launching an exciting nationwide event, Farewell Shorebirds, focusing on the fascinating lives of some of the 35 species of shorebirds. Farewell Shorebirds will run from mid-April until mid-May, concluding on World Migratory Bird Day (10 May). Highlighting the captivating story of the shorebirds’ annual global migration from Australia to the Arctic, Farewell Shorebirds will explore why the birds make this incredible journey and how they rely on Australia’s wetlands, coastlines and estuaries for their survival.

Nature Iraq 10th Anniversary

As part of Nature Iraq's 10th Anniversary Festival, we will be celebrating World Migratory Bird Day by conducting birdwatching trips, displaying a photo exhibition, and holding an educational event for children.


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