Ciencia Ciudadana en el Parque Natural de los Alcornocales (Taller y trabajo de Campo)

Dentro del Programa de Participación y Sensibilización Ambiental en la Red Natura2000 de Andalucía (Parque Natural de los Alcornocales)

Ciencia Ciudadana en el Parque Natural de los Alcornocales (Taller y trabajo de Campo). 
Usos de pequeñas herramientas informáticas para procesar observaciones de campo. Centro de Visitantes del Algibe (Alcalá de los Gazules)

Jornada técnica: De 10:00 a 12:00
Trabajo de campo: De 12:00 a 14:00

Learn from the winged teachers

The scholars, students, children, youth and general mass will be encouraged to display, write, draw, present the learning from the winged, feathered animals. This event will be more or less focusing on the sensitization of participants towards learning from birds.

"Marty Party" 4th Purple Martin WMBD Celebration

Sponsored by the city of Grand Prairie, Texas and the Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas, the 4th annual "Marty Party" celebrates World Migratory Bird Day 2017 with cultural and educational programs. This festival aims to educate people on the importance and conservation needs for the Purple Martin. As the largest swallow species in North America, the Purple Martin depends on human assistance to survive in migration stop-over areas in North Texas.

'Save The Birds and Let Them Free' Festival

The 'Hari Migrasi Burung Sedunia' (Save The Birds and Let Them Free) Festival is an activity designed to raise awareness and is a follow up to our WMBD commemoration of 2012. We hope to motivate people to value nature conservation through environmental education activities and a birding trip, in addition to provide recommendations to local governments, communities and interested parties with a lecture. We hope to reach out to bird watchers, students, local government officials and the general public of Jakarta.

Bird Identification Course with Birldife Polokwane & University of Limpopo

Birdlife Polokwane will have a bird ringing (banding) day in the Polokwane Nature Reserve, South Africa, on 4 March 2017. We moved our World Migratory Bird Day to an earlier date as March/April is the peak passage time for migrants in the area. This will enable us to show people some of the migrants in the hand and explain a little about their plight and the challenges they face en route. The event is open to the public and notices are also sent to schools to participate.

Raising Awareness in India

We would like to raise awareness so that all people can work together to save migratory birds. Let's join hands to save our flying friends. 

For more information, please visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/shepherdleos

World Migratory Bird Day

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature through the Aqaba Bird Observatory in cooperation with Ayla Project and BirdLife International cordially invites you and your family to attend the World Migratory Birds Day event , under the theme "Stop the illegal killing, taking and trade!" to protect the birds, and to indicate the value of Jordan’s location as a second flyway for migratory birds world, on Wednesday, 10 August 2016.

Journée mondiale des oiseaux migrateurs 2016 à Reghaia

Célébration officiel de la journée Mondiale des Oiseaux migrateurs au niveau du Centre Cynégétique de Réghaia, sous le thème de « Mettons fin au braconnage et au commerce illégale ! », avec pour slogan : «…Et lorsque le ciel sera réduit au silence ? ». L’Inauguration était faite par Mr l’Inspecteur Général des Forêts et le Directeur du Centre Cynégétique de Réghaia, Mr le Directeur de protection de la faune et la flore, la Sous Directrice des Parcs Nationaux et des groupements végétaux naturels et le point focal AEWA.

Célébration de la journée mondiale des oiseaux migrateurs 2016

La célébration officielle de la journée mondiale des oiseaux migrateurs a eu lieu au niveau du centre cynégétique de reghaia à Alger en Algérie pour cela un riche programme a été présenté par la direction générale des forêt en collaboration avec le centre cynégétique de réghaia au profil des enfants avec une couverture médiatique


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