Bird Art Flash Mob

Organized by the Bird Whisperer Project (, this event is a social media flash-mob of bird art by artists from across the world on the theme of migratory birds. It is open to all, and anyone who wishes to participate beyond today's post is welcome to send a .jpg of their art to to get added to that group post. Our event will primarily take place on Facebook, but artists may also post their art to any other social media platform using #BirdWhisperer.

About us-- The Bird Whisperer Project was founded by artists Amanda Makepeace and Melissa Gay in January 2016, and is dedicated to spreading the love of birds through artistic expression. Each month, the Bird Whisperers create art from the same reference and post to social media with #BirdWhisperer. Visit our facebook page to see our collection of artwork, connect with our artists, and follow our monthly events. New art is shared on the last Wednesday of every month at 5pm EST. The project is open to all participants. Posting rules can be found in the details of each monthly event. Erica Lyn Schmidt is our Creative Director, and she is reachable by email at



Worldwide 36° 9' 5.7528" N, 86° 47' 11.3964" W
Start date: 
Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 17:00
End date: 
Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 19:00