A conference prepared by Avayeboom Bird Conservation Society on World Migratory Birds Day

The activities of Avayeboom Bird Conservation Society on World Migratory Birds Day were divided into two main parts, indoor_ 10th May, and outdoor_ 11th May. On 10th May, a specialized conference was conducted in cooperation with natural resource departments of Isfahan University of Technology, and Azad University of Khorasgan for enthusiastic students, bird watchers, and environmentalists. The conference was based on four main topics:

1. Introduction of World Migratory Birds Day, History of WMBD, Importance of international cooperation to save migratory birds, and Talking about current year theme “Their Future is Our Future”;

2. Distribution, and habitat status of migratory birds in Iran, Opportunities, and Threats;

3. The role of environmental NGOs in migratory birds’ protection;

4. Performance report of Isfahan Department of Environment about conservation of migratory birds.

In addition to speeches, which were presented by experienced ornithologists, and bird watchers, a photo exhibition was held in order to introduce migratory birds of Isfahan, and Iran.

One of the most popular parts of conference was displaying two videos created by Avayeboom, one of them was about Isfahan birds, and another one investigated the status of migratory birds' habitat in Iran.

Some educational pamphlet about birds were given to audiences as well, so that they could learn more about migratory birds, their importance, and their role in our future, and a healthy planet.

Khomeini shahr 32° 43' 12.126" N, 51° 31' 58.8108" E
Start date: 
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 09:00
End date: 
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 14:15