World Migratory Bird Day Bali 2017

We propose to conduct a public lecture, which will be followed by birdwatching activity at Serangan Island. The public lecture will be conducted at the University of Udayana Sudirman Campus on Saturday 6 May 2017. Three speakers will be invited to share their knowledges and experiences regarding the bird conservation and migratory phenomena, as well as migratory species observation and identification techniques. Moreover, the role of photography to assist bird identification, especially in migratory species, will also be taught. The invited speakers will be from Udayana University (academic) and from the prominent Birdwatching organisations in Bali. The briefing regarding birdwatching activity for WMBD Bali 2017, which will be conducted in the following day Sunday 7 May 2017, will be conducted after the public lecture.

The birdwatching will be conducted at Serangan Island on Sunday 7 May 2017. This will be a full day activity. Participants will be guided throughout the day by 3 experienced birdwatching guides. They will practice to identify the migratory bird species found in Serangan Island, to observe the occurrence of bird ring in those birds, as well as to record the activity of those birds in Serangan Island.

PB Sudirman
Denpasar Bali 8° 41' 7.3068" S, 115° 12' 9.4932" E
Start date: 
Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 09:00
End date: 
Sunday, May 7, 2017 - 11:00