2018 is an important transition year in the history of World Migratory Bird Day - unifying the planet’s major migratory bird corridors, or flyways: the African-Eurasian flyway, the East Asian-Australasian flyway, and the Americas flyways. Celebrated from now on twice a year, on the Second Saturday in May and in October, WMBD aims to reach out to a broader audience and amplify its message for bird conservation. As a new global platform that unifies efforts worldwide, WMBD will be reinforcing education and awareness-raising about the need to protect migratory birds and their habitats - at all different levels, in all parts of the world.


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    Jacques Trouvilliez - AEWA  Susan Bonfield - EFTA  Lew Young - EAAFP  Erik Solheim - UN Environment  Patricia Espinosa - UNFCCC      Marta Rojas Urrego - Ramsar  Anne Larigauderie - IPBES  Jane Smart - IUCN  Rüdiger Strempel - WCSS  Tom Barry - CAFF  Patricia Zurita - Birdlife International  Martin Spray - WWT  Kuki Gallman  Georges Aman - CIC  Fernando Spina - CMS  Stephen Garnett - CMS  Ruth Cromie - AEWA, WWT  Martin Wikelski - MPIO

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RT @ParcoBeigua: Saturday May 12 #Birdwatching to celebrate #WMBD2018 at #Beigua UNESCO Global Geopark


@EPAA_SHJ :The World Migratory Bird Day event in Sharjah, UAE aims to highlight the importance of preserving and protecting migratory birds from daily risks in and outside their natural habitat. #epaa #sharjah #worldmigratorybirdday


RT @HimpusU: Migratory bird picture coloring contest for kindergarden children on 5 May 2018, in PAUD Bungon Seleupoek Unsyiah, this is one of the series of events World Migratory Bird Day 2018. #worldmigratorybirdday #wmbd2018 ##savemigratorybirds  #Indonesia 


RT @HimpusU: We HIMPUS Veterinary Unsyiah🇮🇩 Back to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day on date May 13 2018 at Aula FKH Unsyiah, Banda Aceh


RT @AliaSaad: 4 Graders at the Bishop School of #amman #jordan decided to participate in the world migratory bird day on May 12 @WMBD by c…


WMBD 2018 - Message from Jacques Trouvilliez, AEWA Executive Secretary


Join #WMBD team for 2 exciting events in #Bonn, #Germany ! We look forward to celebrating #migratorybirds and their… https://t.co/0SABbiO3ls