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Evento de las Aves Internacionales

A collaborative event with the community members of Santa Maria de los Cocos. The day will be filled with bird related activities, crafts, workshops, and entertainment to celebrate our migratory birds and the military macaw. CONANP's ECOCHAVOS will be leading an entertainment and educational activity.

World Migratory Bird Day Benefit Concert

Following the great success of last year, the "Corale San Rocco" choir of Bologna has generously offered to give a second benefit concert in Bonn, in support of the World Migratory Bird Day campaign and the conservation of migratory birds. The new element this year is the participation of the Choir of the Deutsche Welle, a multicultural ensemble that has entertained the public- not only of Bonn - for 20 years with its variety of musical styles and languages. The concert programme will therefore will therefore comprise a medley of lyric and other songs of various genres and tongues.


Special postal cancellation with the BEKASSINE - migratory Bird of the year 2013 in Germany and NABU special presentation

World Migratory Bird Day 2014

Since 2008 until now, consistent with other fons all over the world, Department of Environment of Hormozgan Province has celebrated Migratory Bird Day by implementing programs such as training workshops, birdwatching for students, drawing and painting competition for kids, publishing brochures and posters and media reports.


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Conférence de presse
Découverte de l'oiseau par les écoles
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World Migratory Bird Day,2014

Sensitization workshop on Migratory Birds of Satkosia Tiger Reserve (Important Bird Area)


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